Saturday, November 22

Beautiful day! :D

It was a balmy 43 degrees so I thought I'd make the most of it and take the dogs and kids for a walk... we all went to the bathroom, put on shoes and socks and wrapped up in coats, gloves, scarves and bike helmets for the kids. I got leashes on the dogs, grabbed my cell phone, sunglasses and the house keys and off we went. It really was glorious outside but the dogs kept tangling themselves up around my legs and Jack was having a love / hate relationship with his bike.....LOL!! We walked for a couple of miles but on the way back we all started to get a liiiittle warm....!!! Gah!! By the time we got in the door it was 51 degrees!! Yow!! Anyway, my hubby has my camera today so I wasn't able to get photos, so here is one I made earlier...!! A picture taken yesterday on my way home from the city! I was amazed at all the lines across the sky from the airplanes... if each planes trail stayed for the day the sky would just be woven with them! :D


Enough waffling... I apparently have lunch to make. Eat eat eat.. day in, day out.

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Anonymous said...

*AHEM* We were hungry and one good ap parent knows when her "or his" kids are hungry! LOL!

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