Friday, November 21


After a slight hiccup we made Ooooooobleck!!! I love this stuff, it's really awesome! Part solid, part liquid, all fun!! :D Diana's kids LOVED it, my kids would have NOTHING to do with it. They're odd that way! : D
( mine, not hers! )



To make it you mix 1/2 cup of water with 1/4 cup of cornstarch (NOT baking soda!!)...that's it! You can punch it...and it's solid... try picking it up... and it's LIQUID!! That's where it got the name!! Oooooooo!! BLECK!!!!




Andrea Knapp said...

There was a science guy recently on the Ellen show that had a HUGE vat of this stuff and he literally walked across it - quickly of course but it was fun. I used to LOVE when my kids played with this at 5-9's.....

Gorgeous. said...

Wow!! That sounds really COOL!! :D
I saw an Ellen show once with a science guy on it and he made this air blower thing out of a trash can. He blew a paper cup off of Ellen's head. I laughed like a drain over and over again!!! Her face was a picture, she was so surprised!!!!!!!!!!!! He also blew smoke rings with it into the audience! It was COOOOOOL!!!! :D