Sunday, November 23

Madonna must have thighs of STEEL that's all I can say!!!

Yesterday the kids and I decided to have a little disco!! :D We put on some disco hits of the 80's, cranked up the sound and boogied our hearts out!! ( the things you have to do to keep fit around here in the winter...!! ) I danced my hardest, jumping and really getting into it...... for about oooh.... 50 seconds or so...!!! I mean these songs are, what, 3 minutes long and I'm exhausted before the first refrain has ended!!!!! HOW these folks perform concerts and dance and sing for an hour or more!??!?! They must be super heroes or have reeeeeeally convincing body doubles!! Man I'd like a body double.... or a clone....even better. I'd spend the day in bed reading trashy novels and eating chocolate and the clone can be out here facing the kids, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaning the house, doing the laundry and stuff. At about 6 when Rex gets home from work, I'd pretty myself up, stuff the clone under the stairs and walk out to take all the credit!!! Yeah! Sounds like a plan. How much do you think one of those suckers would run!!??! :D

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