Monday, November 17

Wonderful weekend!

I am so lucky to have such a great husband and a really lovely family! :D Our kids are truly great kids. Oh sure, Jack drives me INSANE and to the brink of alcoholism, but hey, he's a six year old Down's Syndrome kid. More fool me if I thought it would be easy!!

On Saturday my dear hubby went to our friend's house at 8 in the morning to help her and her hubby to lay shingles on the roof of a shed! He was going to help them so that they could babysit for US in trade!! Great deal, eh?! :D Now, call me crazy, but I thought he'd only be a few hours, tops. Ahem. At 2 pm I called and asked how they were getting along.... I was told they had hoped to be done by 5 but may still have to do it on Sunday instead...... WHAT?!?! So hubby was basically going to be out all day. Grrr. I spent the day tidying the house and making it sparkle. It needed a good cleaning, it was dusty from having the fire going. I also cooked a ton of rice so I could make the kids something nice for dinner ( rice and spinach bake ... delicious! ) and also have some rice left over for rice pudding! : D Anyway, the house was gleaming and dinner was ready by the time hubby came home! (!!) Poor Rex had smashed his thumb with a hammer and it was a bloody mess.... poor guy... it was so painful and will continue to be so for a looong time. : ( Anyway he and I went out for the evening and the kids had a super time with Marsha, one of their favorite babysitters!! Rex and I went to Applebees for soup and Artichoke dip!! :D after which we went to Toys R Us ( we'd planned to go to Slumberland to check out recliners, but they were closed..!!) In Toys R Us we played video games for a while....!! ;D LOL!! I wrecked 6 BMWs by driving them into lampposts at 108 mph! THEN I got the hang of it and drove one at 145 mph for a bit!! Rex entertained himself by driving a suped-up pick up off a cliff time and time again!! :D All good fun!! After that we went to Carlos O Kelly's for an Irish Coffee and some dessert....!!! I was in a super mood and we laughed and fooled around all evening! Good times! : D

Sunday saw Rex and Jessie with tickets to see The Magic Tree House The Musical! It was in Iowa so we all drove down there and Rex dropped Jack and I at the mall to shop whilst he and Jessie took in the show!!!


They had a WONDERFUL time and Jessie declared it "The BEST day of my LIFE!!" Jack was a good boy at the mall and we had a great time together! We all met back up at Panera Bread for soup and cookies and I got to hear all about the show! :D


On the way back home Rex and I stopped off at HyVee and the kids waited in the car playing with their light sticks... Rex and I love to grocery shop alone together and we picked up yummy cake for the evening after the kids were asleep....!! ; D They fell asleep in no time...!!! What a way to spend a weekend!

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