Monday, November 17

Ap'ing the Dog... again! :D

My poor Brecon! The dog in the main blog photo has been my pooch for 12 years! She's happy to share us with other pets and with foster dogs, but has never had to share us with a puppy before! The time was when we would take her out with us on every little trip in the car. She'd hop in the back and ride along for the most mundane outing. These days we take the puppy and leave Brecon home with Minnie ( the newly adopted senior dog... ) Brecon never complained, but the other day I was going to have to drive to the post office to drop off a birthday card. It was raining and cold so walking was out of the question! Brecon looked at me and "asked" to come too... tsk! I was only going to be gone LITERALLY two minutes! Still, she needed to feel special so I opened the van door, she hopped in. She sat her butt on the van bench and placed her front feet between the two front seats and cheerfully rode to the post office and back with me!! LOL!! Sibling rivalry.. in dogs! Who knew?!

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