Monday, November 17

It's only taken me about 20 years....

But I finally made Rice Pudding tonight!! LOL!! I LOVE the stuff and used to get it in cans.... heat and eat...!! Tonight I made a big pan full and half expected to have to eat it all myself... you know how those things go? You LOVE something and, out of love, slave over it so your family can share in your love.... and they hate it!! :D Well this time, selfish beast that I am, I wouldn't have cared if they DID hate it.. but they didn't ( fickle bastards! ) Nooo they slurped it down!!!! It was GOOD too!! :D

Anyhoo, there ya go. I made Rice Pudding. It was easy. I was proud !! ;D

( and why yes, I AM a little drunk...!! What of it!?!? :D ) LOL!!!!

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