Wednesday, November 19

No Internet??? No Problem! :D

So yesterday, it happened. No Internet. All. Day. Long. If you know me AT ALL you know this is a big problem for me!!:D This time however, it all seemed to go very smoothly! :D I had internet first thing in the morning so I was able to check my mail and print off that day's recipe for dinner ( Broccoli Cheese Soup!) etc. It went down not long after that. I called Tech Support ( with a big sigh, since I hate having to jump hoops before breakfast... ) and when I finally got on to "Fred" or whatever his name was, he was very helpful. Helpful he may be but when he said "Uh, Ma'am, I'm noticing a sudden spike in calls.... WHERE are you calling from again?!?!" I was pretty sure things weren't going wrong on MY end!!! :D Turns out Windstream in NE was DOWN baby!! :D Apparently I was the First To Call In !! Woot!! I asked if there was a prize, but apparently not. Sigh. ( yeah, I DO sigh a lot! )

Anyway, long story short we were caught without internet all day. I was able to search the skull~wide~ball of yarn and come up with something I'd seen on Alicia's blog where you take an index card, draw a circle on it, have the kids look at stuff through a microscope and then draw what they see. We each drew several cards of various objects and then all had to guess what it was we had all drawn! It was a lot of fun and I was seriously impressed with how well both kids did! I was stunned at how well Jack drew WHAT HE SAW rather than what he knew it was, if you catch my drift! :D

Before Daddy got home we laid the cards out along the piano and everything we had drawn in random order underneath and he had to figure out which went where! He did a great job! :D It was a really fun activity and the kids just wanted to do more and more and more! :D

Later in the day I was checking to see if perhaps the internet might possibly be back online...... ( desperation anyone?!?! ) and came upon an old favorite, Solitaire!!! Oh man! I would spend HOURS playing Solitaire in the old days!! Rex would come home from work and my eyes would literally not be able to focus as I'd been staring at the screen for so long!!!! Tsk!! Anyway, I was happily playing that and Jessie happened to notice me. Before long Jack climbed on my lap and he, too, wanted to see what was up..!! Jessie wanted to know how to play so I let her have a turn, Jack wanted a turn... see how this is going?!?! :D Well, I taught Jessie how to play with *gasp* REAL CARDS and she was delighted with herself!! Something about it appeals to those with a semi orderly nature!! :D Jack soon tired of Solitaire but we also found..... wait for it.... PINBALL!!! Oh MAN, Jack LOVES Pin Ball!! He's a Pin Ball WIZARD!! :D Once I'd shown him how to work the flippers and launch the ball he was OFF!! He did marvelously and ended up on the high score board where... He entered his OWN name!!!! I know it doesn't sound like much, but it is super cool from where I am standing!! :D yeah JACK!! :D

At the end of the day Jessie said "I want us to be Internet Free EVERY DAY!! or, well, at LEAST once a week!! No phone, no internet, no electronics....ALL DAY!!!!" Ahem. Sounds like a tall order, but I'll see what I can do!!! ;D LOL!!!

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