Saturday, December 27

Lazing on a Lazing midmorning! :D

I started this blog post on Saturday morning... something came up, I don't know what it was, a child needed something I imagine!! and so here it sits, unfinished!! :D I'll get to it right away! : D
Well we slept in a little Saturday morning which was nice. Rex and I went out Friday night to see a movie and have a little "foog" ( FOOD! ). We had hoped to see a comedy, but the reviews were so pitiful for all of them, "Formulaic" was the term used I think, that we ended up joining a looooooong line for Valkyrie. Wow. Despite dreadful seating ( at the veeeery front on the veeeeery right hand side ) resulting in us having to crank our necks a little, the movie was incredible. It really was a very intense movie and the silence when the movie ended was palpable. It was eerie. Anyway, great, but depressing flick! We then went to a bar and had some very tasty soup and drinks then headed home. Mum said the kids had been really good, playing Wiiiii until the point of collapse and she had no trouble getting them to go to bed. In fact the children had apparently decided it was time to go to bed and took themselves upstairs to get ready!!! :D She was amazed!!!

Saturday saw us spending more time on the Wii, looking at photos on the computer and generally "waiting". It turns out Rex was waiting for ME to make a plan and I was waiting for Rex to make a plan!!! Don't you hate when that happens?! :D We decided in the end to drive up to Mahoney State Park and go ice skating. I realised yesterday that it had been more than TWENTY YEARS since I last went!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAH!!!! How can ANYTHING have been so long ago in my life time?!?! :D Anyway, we all went and the kids, Garry and I skated happily for hours!! Rex didn't want to skate so he was the chocolate and hot chocolate provider! Jack LOVED it and kept saying "LOOK!! I Gating" !!!! Jack actually stopped another boy and said "Hello!! Are you having fun?! " I was amazed! He doesn't usually engage other children like that!!! Oh we had a super time. Jessie did not want to leave and cried and cried!!! I promised her we could come again. I'm so impressed with how cheap it was! $2 admission and $3 for skate rental!!! That's incredible!!!

Here are some pics from the skating!

Garry and Jack.......

Jessie, Garry, Jack and Me! ......

Happy Jack!

Happy Me! ......

Crazy happy Jessie!

Jessie and Jack.....

I love this one!!! Look at the faces!!!!!!

Garry hanging on !!!!

We really had such fun it was insane!!

After the ice skating we headed home again. Garry and I got changed and we went out for dinner at some really fancy and rahther pricey "Beeeeestroh" in town! It was a nice place, the food was LOVELY but it was a bit drafty. Every time someone opened the door everyone in the restaurant shivered! :D We had a lovely meal then headed over to The Venue for a drink. They made me some raspberry fizzy drink, it was very tasty and alcohol free (!) ... it must have been alcohol free as they didn't charge us for it!!! Nice!!! :D

Anyway, we came home and found the kids asleep and tucked up in their beds. They'd apparently been Wii~ing all night and Jack had beaten Jessie's butt in Boxing. Hm. No surprise there! They'd been playing Tennis, Car racing, Baseball... the lot!! I'm really impressed with how quickly Jack picked it up! I've never really been into computer games, but this is a really fun use of technology! :D

Well... Garry leaves tomorrow and Risa and Alicia arrive !!! It's going to be a liiiittle chaotic! But Hey, I thrive on chaos!!! (Until I collapse from exhaustion of course...!)

Have a super Sunday and I'll talk to ya soon! : D

Oh and I haven't forgotten to post Pics from Christmas Day... there are just rather a lot, as you can imagine, and I need to sort them out!! :D


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Alicia said...

Sounds like great fun. Victoria loves ice skating like that too, which is why we do HS ice skating every week even though Daryl and I would prefer root canals to the cold wait! :)

The last pics didn't show up for me. I'm just guessing they were lovely! G!