Tuesday, December 23

Fa la la la laaaaaagggghhhhhhhh

Oh man!!!! It's getting close to the wire! I need to take BIG BREATHS but I don't have TIME!!!!!

My hubby, bless him, he's an absolute star. WHAT a guy. Anyway, he keeps telling me to relax. He's not worried about what we eat on Christmas Day... he was happy, HAPPY, when Jessie said she'd like Mac and Cheese!!! I must try and keep it in my head that Christmas is NOT about the gifts, it's NOT about the food... it's not even about how pretty your house looks or how nice the kids are dressed.... it's about joy. It's about love. It's about.... COOKIES!!! Cookies, cakes, Christmas puddings and mince pies!!! :D ..... ahem. Sorry... forgot myself there, just a tad!!! Christmas IS about joy and love and family.... but today it's about the cookies!! I'm baking the "Neighbor Cookies" today so they will be ready for distribution on Christmas Eve and I'm also making some delicious brownies that pass easily for fudge to take along on our annual trip to see the Christmas Eve lights! :D

Nearly nearly nearly guys!!! Are you all as excited as me?!?!! : D Weeeeeeeee!!! : D

Yes, it's the Valium talking.... but still...... Weeeeeeeeeeee!!! ;D

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