Monday, December 22

Dooooo Over!!

Oh Look!! An actual AP Parenting post ! : D

Yesterday turned out nice.... it was waaay too cold to leave the house, -6F, so we stayed in and wrapped presents all day! I managed to pay the bills with no trouble, I realised that wrapping the presents would make me feel better so I spent most of the day working on that!!! Rex came home and had bought me a new set of Christmas dishes! Kohls had a 75% off sale and the set and six additional cups came to around $50 !!! They are pretty white plates with red snowflakes so I can use them all winter... not just for Christmas!! Dishes. Not just for Christmas anymore! ;D

Anyway, in the evening Garry offered to give the children a bath. All was peaceful and quiet from upstairs for a long while and Rex and I "reclined" on our sofa!! After a while we began to hear "No!" and "Stop that!!" and "Aggggghhhhhhhhhh" etc!!! There was a great deal of very loud screaming and yelling so I thought I should go up and investigate. Jack was sitting in what was left of an emptying bath. He was crying, screaming and yelling that he didn't want to get out. No No No. In a remarkable moment of AP Parenting clarity, I sat next to the bath and talked quietly to him. We discussed how he loves to have a bath and he hates to get out when he is having such fun.... I suggested that he get out the bath now and let Garry get him dry and ready for bed, but then tomorrow he could have a bath in the afternoon and stay in and play for hours if he wanted to!!It worked!!! I mean, I spoke only for a moment and he said "OK" and happily climbed out the bath!!! It was a Christmas Miracle!! ;D Then, this morning, another one!! :D .....Rex and I were snoozing in bed and suddenly heard "Jaaaack!!! NOOOO!!!" and various other squabbling sounds!! I hate to be woken by squabbling sounds and I think it sets the day off on the wrong foot. I headed into the kids room and asked what the heck was going on. Turns out Jack had knocked something of Jessie's off the dresser and broken it. It could have been accidental, but it wasn't perceived that way! :D The kids were unhappy, Jack was feeling bad I think, (which tends to make him angry) and the day was headed downhill. I suggested the kids have a "Do Over" !!! I told them to go back to bed, pretend to be asleep, and start again. Jessie gets annoyed that Jack wakes her up every morning, so THIS time, she got to be the one to "wake up" first. I told her to wake up gently, have a good stretch and smile. After waking up nicely Jessie had to tiptoe over to Jack's bed, where he was "sleeping", kiss him on the head, say "Good MORNING Jack" and "I LOVE you" !! Jack was then told to say "Good morning, Jessie, would you like a hug?" and then they snuggled in bed together for a while! I went back to bed and Rex and I were both happily surprised when we heard the children get up, tiptoe downstairs and start quietly coloring together!!! ;D What a difference!!! I know if Rex and I get the day started on the wrong foot we have been known to just start again. It really works!!!!

Today the temp is -7 and is set to snow this afternoon!!! Bah!! I still have some pressies to pick up and it's getting faaaar too close to Christmas for my liking!! :D I'm going to have to face the cold today I think....!! Wish me luck! :D

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Alicia said...

How great that it worked so well! Well done, chickie! ;)