Friday, December 26

Happpppyyyyy siiiiiiiiigh !!!

Well! Christmas is over and I can still fasten my pants and, as yet, I have not put on any weight!! Can I get a Hallelujah !!?? :D

We spent most of Christmas Eve wrapping presents, then, as darkness arrived, we set off out for some cheap food and a Christmas Lights tour! It was nice as we didn't leave it tooo late this time so the kids weren't tooo tired, even so, upon arriving in the driveway 4 out of 5 of us were sleeping! ;D We got the kids to bed after they hung their stockings and wrote a note to Santa to leave with the cookies and milk. The kids went to sleep in a moment... to be honest I'm not really sure Jack even woke up! The wrapping fest continued, then we put our gifts out ready for Santa to finish the job. Mum and I had a sherry and we all watched a movie and chatted a bit as Midnight rolled around.

Christmas was here at last!

We said goodnight and went to bed about one am for a short sleep and the kids woke up at 6:45 which is almost sleeping in to me! I went down first, put on the tree lights and woke up Garry... she loves to see the kids faces when they first see their stockings! :D I had been concerned that Jessie seemed to have lots more gifts than Jack and we NEARLY went Christmas Eve Barmy where we end up at Toys R Us frantically buying anything just to fill out the stockings. Happily we didn't do that this year and the children did not suffer in the least as you can imagine! :D Santa did the kids proud and got Jessie the CD player she has asked for and Jack got a giant remote control truck as he had requested! Santa also went hog wild and left a Wii for us all to play with~! We didn't do anything with the Wii all day as the kids were busy with their toys and such. We went out to visit with Rex's Ma and then came home to start cooking! :D We just had an organic Chicken as Rex and Garry were the only ones going to have meat. We had tomato soup and crescent rolls for starters, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, glazed carrots, peas, corn and green beans, stuffing, and yummy gravy for the main course. For dessert we had Christmas Pudding and homemade Brandy Butter... oh my! ;D The fire crackled away all day, the kids played and played and we just had a lovely evening. The children went to bed early as they were so worn out and when I came back downstairs the kitchen was spotless and the Wii game was all ready for play! :D Not only did Garry do the majority of the cooking, she also set up the table and cleaned the whole place afterwards!! Garrys ROCK! :D Anyway, we had a little more champagne and orange juice and settled down to try out the Wii !! oh what FUN!!! We had such a ball and we were in stitches laughing at it!!! ; D We played and played for four hours without even noticing the time go by!! We ended up going to bed at 1am again and it really felt like we had taken every minute of Christmas Day and used it well!! We saw it in at Midnight.... and saw it back out again! What a wonderful day! :D

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