Wednesday, December 24

You'd better not pout!! :D

The big Man is in town tonight!! I hope you all have all your shopping done, your Turkey thawed and peace will reign on earth and in the living room at your place!!!

We're about as ready as we are going to be, though the jig was nearly up this morning...!!! Hubby and I were looking at one of the bigger ticket items for Christmas last night and Hubby inadvertently left the damn thing on the living room floor for any small child to discover upon waking this morning!!! Happily it occurred to me when I woke up that I didn't recall him carrying it up before bed. I went down quick and secured it! Somewhat takes the magic out otherwise, eh!? :D

Today should be a bit of a baking day, a cookie distribution day, you should see them, they are all bagged and ready to go....


We also have to ice our Christmas cake and hope it hardens in time for tomorrow! I'm sure it will and it will probably be more delicious than ever! :D
I have some last minute wrapping to do and my room is a PIT and needs a good clear out before tomorrow. Not that it really matters, but I've never seen it so dreadful!
I'm going to make some mince pies for our light tour tonight I think... that or brownies... I can't decide!

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve again! I'm not sure who's more excited, me or the kids! It's a close call, believe me! :D

Happy Holidays to one and all.... may your days be merry and bright!!



Alicia said...

Merry Christmas! Hope it's a lovely one!

Gorgeous. said...

Thanks Alicia! You too! ;D