Monday, December 22


I did it AGAIN! :D My awesome mother watched the kids for me this morning and I went out shopping.... alone!!! I even managed a lunch date with my husband!!! I felt like a real grown up!! It was sooo dang cold though, I thought I might just freeze, especially as I had failed to notice that the fan on my van was not switched on. This tends to slow down the air movement around the vehicle resulting in a rather lesser effect of the heater than one might have originally intended.

I slid into Super Target parking lot with fingers that were frozen at the tips. I had tried sitting on them, blowing on them, all to no avail. When I got out the car I realised that a poor guy, dressed head to toe in winter gear, was busy chipping and scraping the ice off the path so that us shoppers could get into the store without injury! ( I know it's so they don't get sued, but in my mind it's because they like us and care about us! ) The poor guy must have been frozen to the marrow. I ran into Super Target and called in first at Starbucks! Actually that is a lie, I called in first to the bathroom where I emptied my bladder and warmed my hands under the hot tap THEN I went to Starbucks! I bought a hot chocolate and took it out to the guy! "Merry Christmas" I called to him! He must have thought I was a nutter!! I'd decided on hot chocolate as you can't tell with coffee... people my like decaf, may like cream, sugar, etc...I figured if the guy was lactose intolerant then I'd bloody well drink it!!! : D

I hope it brightened his day, it certainly did mine! ;D


Catonine said...

you can bring me hot chocolate anytime you want dearie :-) Merry Christmas my friend.

Oak Park Veggie said...

You probably made his day!

Anonymous said...

you are really nice mom! :)

you made my day just by reading it!