Tuesday, December 30

One home, Six more here....!!!!

Thanks to some fenagling and with a little help from Diana, we managed to check Garry in at the airport for her flight, pick up Risa from the airport, visit with Diana for an hour or so, go back to the airport, drop off Garry ( : ( ) and then take Risa, via Open Harvest, back to our house where Alicia and gang arrived soon after!!!! As usual Alicia had an eventful trip to our house... THIS time her son puked all over the entire car and it's contents. Apparently 10 ( loooong ) miles later they found a gas station where they were able to clean up as much as possible.....!! :} Nevertheless....!!! Here they are and we are already having lots of fun!! ;D Rex worked until 10pm last night so it was just us girls and the kids! We had two HUGE pizzas and gallons of tea! ;D

Rex got home after the kids were in bed and we sat and talked until TWO AM !!! Yawn!!!! Everyone slept well and at 8:30 this morning Garry phoned and said she was back home safe and sound! .... I missed her right away this morning....

Anyway.... I must get on... I hear cross children's voices from the other room....!!!


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