Wednesday, December 24

Spoiled much!? :D

My Lovely Ma made me go out for lunch with my Wonderful Husband today! I didn't think I would go as I had lots to do and I knew he was busy trying to finish up a project but between them they convinced me and I set out, all "gussied up", into the cold. We went to a lovely, fancy schmancy restaurant in the Cornhusker Hotel and had some delicious food. We talked about stuff, nothing important, we relaxed, sipped hot tea and coffee and had a lovely time. We went to take some cookies to our friend the jeweler. He's in his 90's now and still going strong but business is tough for him this year and I felt so sorry that times are hard. Rex and he both did their bits to try and persuade me into buying some diamonds! Seriously! I kept having to say NO! Really, Rex, NO!!! (I'm so lucky!!) I wish we could have bought up the store, more for Fred's sake than mine. Ah well! Anyway, hubby and I sauntered back to his office where we parted ways and I headed home with one or two last minute stops ( like to pick up a Christmas gift for the Cat. Honestly. Ahem. ) When I got home the house was spotless, there was a cup of tea ready for me and ALL THE LAUNDRY WAS DONE!!!! WOW!!!! Santa will have to work hard to top all that I tell ya! :D

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