Saturday, November 24

AP Moment of the day~ think like a child...or why my kids love me!!

The children were just out playing in the snow and I, watching from the warm kitchen, remembered my childhood and the joy of coming in from the cold to a steaming cup of hot chocolate !! When they finally came back in, I made up some of our fabulous Ghirardelli Double Chocolate hot cocoa and then thought, hmm.. how can we improve on this.... sooo I got out some organic half and half and whipped it up into a frenzy. When the chocolate was warm I divided it between two cups and then dolloped the whipped half and half on top. It looked nice, but needed something... oh yeah... what it needed was dark chocolate curls sprinkled on top...THAT'S what it needed! ;D WOW!!! The kids eyes lit up and it tasted sooo good... I might have to make a little for myself..... right after I have lit the fire....Hot chocolate and snowy days call for a roaring fire in the fireplace... and a good book.....and slippers......and maybe a small nap!!! Bliss !!

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Gorgeous. said...

I ammended my hot chocolate recipe for Hubby and myself later that day! I FIRST grated chocolate into the cups, then scooped a dollop of whipped half and half into the cups, poured on hot choc and topped with yet more whipped cream and then even more grated chocolate!! Hubby thinks I'm trying to kill him!! ;D