Sunday, November 18

AP Moment of the day~ Taking Care of You... teach the kids how to make your favorite beverage!

You may have noticed that lots of my AP posts focus on the Taking Care of You aspect.... hmmm.. funny that.....!! ;D

Children "of a certain age" seem to delight in doing things to please their parents, especially if it is something that is seen to be "grown up" and even more so if there is perceived to be a small element of danger involved!!! ;D I recently taught the Bean how to make me a pot of hot tea and a cup of coffee for hubby!! Each weekend and in fact, most mornings, she proudly arrives in our bedroom carefully carrying wonderful steaming beverages for her beaming parents to enjoy!! And, enjoy we do!! :D It seems to me that a cup of tea always tastes nicer when someone else makes it, especially in the morning! :D Of course her first attempts were not always to my liking... she used to run a hot tap in the kitchen and put a tea bag in the cup of lukewarm water..... hmmm... not so nice!! The other morning she had grown confused as to my directions for instant coffee and called upstairs complaining that "the coffee isn't doing's just sitting there...." ..... LOL!!! I jumped out of bed to see just what she thought the coffee ought to be doing only to find she had made an attempt at the coffee pot... to rather miserable results unfortunately! :D Still, she persevered and was able to produce a more than satisfactory brew for her Dad!!

So, in conclusion, if you can get them to make you something warm to start the day it's a good AP moment for everyone! Mama is happy ... and therefore there's a good chance everyone else's day will be better too!! :D ( hey, there's no guarantees!!!)

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