Sunday, November 25

AP Moment of the day~ Play (Doh!) builds connections

Today was a lovely relaxing and peaceful Sunday~after~Thanksgiving. I got up at the crack of dawn for an icy walk but then hustled home, got back under the covers and hubby and I hung out there as long as we could until the kids finally came and ordered us out!! LOL!! How funny is that?!!? The kids telling the parents "You can't stay in bed all day!! GET UP!!!" LOL!!!!! Anyway, after THAT it was very peaceful. At one point we were all gathered in the dining room. I was online looking around at this and that, Beans was working on her Knitting Nancy and trying to make a rug out of a three inch cable of yarn... and Jackster and Daddy were sitting together at the table making Play Doh pies. If I had to pick my favorite moment of the day, that would have to be it. It was quiet, it was relaxed, the family was all together but doing our own things... it was just perfect. Jackster just loves to make pies and he would warn Daddy "Cawefuw.... wewwy hot!!! Fwow on it!!" LOL!!! Too cute!!! These moments in our lives may only be brief, it's not a week's vacation to Disneyland or something, but these moments are what memories are made of, what we cling to as we grow into adulthood.

Someone loves me and makes me Playdoh pies.

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