Wednesday, November 21

AP Moment of the day~let the kids be kids..!

I first have to share SNOW!! We had snow today!!! And not just a few dry flakes skating past the window, no real snow!! or, as Jackster puts it "NO!!!!!!!" LOL!! He just loves "no!!"

Anyway, today was going to be the day I took pictures of the children for the Christmas cards. We had errands to run in the morning and then when we came home we planned to give the kiddies a warm bath, wash and blow dry Bean's hair, dress up in fancy togs and have pictures taken! :D The bath went reasonably well and Bean's was super enthused about getting dressed up.. she LOVES to wear pretty dresses and look beautiful....she'd had her dress picked out for some time and spent a good few minutes picking out ribbons she wanted to wear that would go with the dress.... Jackster... not so much. I didn't actually have anything terribly fancy for him to wear, but I did have a few smarter shirts in mind.... but he wanted to wear his Cars T Shirt. He REEEALLY wanted to wear his Cars T Shirt. I mean A. Lot. I begged him, please, this is just for a photo, "You want to look nice for the Christmas Cards don't you?!?!! " ( Seriously, please, like the kid cares what he looks like on Christmas Cards!!!! ) I tried reasoning, pleading, bribing, then suddenly it hit me.... of COURSE he should wear his Cars T Shirt!! His obsession with Cars runs as deep as Bean's obsession with being Ladylike and demure in Princess like dresses....!! He IS his Cars T shirt and it would be wrong of me to try and dress him up in something that would be MY idea of what he should look like... he needs to be himself.... and I think he scrubs up pretty darn nicely! :D

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, from my family, to yours!


Mamaa said...

Here is a VERY fluffy thought... the children look absolutely delightfully lovely.... a fantastic, wonderful picture...! Of course, I'm biased..... Love from Garry! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alicia said...

I used to watch the show "Medium" and the main character's middle daughter was quite the darling character. One episode featured class pictures and the child was on a kick where she wore her new yellow bike helmet *everywhere*. Of course she insisted she had to wear her helmet for class pictures and the parents bribed, explained, etc. until they finally gave in and realized how perfect it was to have her wear it.

In the pictures, this goofy little doll was happy as pie in this dorky yellow helmet and it was Perfect! Jackster's shirt is perfect for this year's card too! And he looks fancy even in a Cars T-shirt! Beans looks beautiful.