Saturday, November 24

AP Moment of the day~Taking care of you..... getting the heck out the house once in a while! :D

Last night we had our neice come over and babysit for us! Whooo hooo!! A "date night" !! We perhaps get out, hubby and I, around once a month, perhaps once every six weeks. The only night she was available over this holiday weekend was last night, so we took her up on her offer and she came over about 6:30. The kids LOVE her and barely batted an eye as I hugged them up and bade them farewell and adieu and adios... pleading with them to please be good for Meggie, please don't tear around the house screaming like last time.... please don't make her bake cookies with you and then pour flour all over the floor like the time before that.... please don't make the poor girl read every book in the house before you will even consider going to sleep when you know I read you two stories, two lullabies and then lights OUT!......The kids were all but pushing me out the door whilst I wrang my hands which were gloved up against the frigid air. On the occasions we do go out I have visions of us getting into horrendous wrecks and the poor children being left, orphaned, because their parents just had to get that "alone" time.... they just couldn't be happy at home night after night after night with their own children.....!!!! Last night was worse as the winter weather has finally arrived and the roads were icy... more worry for me...!!! I am, it appears, the quintessential worrying mother!!! I could worry for the Olympics for sure, if I didn't make it digressing!

So anyway...!! Hubby and I make it out the house and down the drive. ( cue the violins... ) We wave from the car to the poor children, sobbing at the window, pitifully waving hankies and wiping away tears of.....sorry? ... what???...oh... apparently they were jumping up and down laughing and were waving flags... silly me. Ahem. ( violins screech into silence! ) Hubby and I head off into the bright city lights of small town mid America!! I am dressed up "fancy" and have make up on... heels... the works! I'm looking GOOD and looking forward to my night out!!! Imagine my chagrin to find that e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. in town is closed on the night of Thanksgiving! EVEN STARBUCKS!!! ***GASP!!!*** I KNOW!!!!!!!! oh, I tell a lie.... the 24 hour crappy grocery store was open.... a gas station was open.... the movies were open ( but they weren't showing anything of interest. I considered sitting in their lobby eating popcorn and watching the screens with the previews but hubby wouldn't go for it!) and blockbuster was open. Natch. Our first stop was the gas station where we had an "exotic coffee" ( bleurgh!! and ptooowieee ) and a chocolate bar. It was all of 17f so even getting in and out of the car was a pain and something that you really had to work yourself up to do!! Do I REALLY want to get out into this cold and leave the warmth of the van?!?! After the dizzying heights of the gas station we then went and held hands in the Blockbuster and looked at all the boxes along the walls....!! We already HAD a ton of movies we'd rented at home BUT I was delighted to find that Blockbuster sells my FAVORITE chocolate ( see sidebar.....>>) and so I persuaded hubby to buy one for me and happily skipped ( sort of ) back out to the van where we considered our options for the remainder of our evening. We could go to the lake and sit and watch the moon on the ice, we could drive around and look at the lights... we could go home and watch movies in the warm.....!!! We decided to head for home but suddenly realised THE KIDS WOULD STILL BE UP!!!!! LOL!!!!!! Desperately we began to wrack our brains for something to do to delay the inevitable.... we remembered our good friends live on the way home and, despite it being Thanksgiving night, we called 'em up and invited ourselves on over!!! :D They welcomed us so warmly, served us pecan pie and hot apple cider and made us laugh and laugh!!! Our friends said they LOVED being our dates!!! We left them after an hour or so and returned to our warm home to find our oldest sleeping peacefully and the young un still holding out!!! I kissed Beans as she slept and held out my arms for my little guy. He sleepily looked up to me and said "Mammy Home!!" and I snuggled him until he fell asleep in my arms. Bliss.

Date night is lovely and getting out is imperative.... but coming home is the sweeter.

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