Monday, November 19

AP Moment of the day... Being a Mommy and stepping up to the plate.

There are some times when I hate being a parent. Honestly. It's true. I KNOW!! It's almost considered a crime to say such a thing, but, there ya have it, I'm shooting from the hip here. Sometimes it's godawful and I hate it. Mostly I hate it at dinner time. I care about my children and my hubby's health... (And mine, though you wouldn't know it given all the chocolate and cookies I force into my unwilling throat) anyhoo..... so I try to get the kids and everyone to eat SOME fruits and veggies!! I couldn't manage to get them to eat 11 servings !! ELEVEN SERVINGS??!? WHO HAS TIME!?!? But everything we do eat is organic, so I figure they get lots more goodness in the smaller amounts they eat. So I make soups, sauces, roasted veggies, sweet potatoes.... you know the drill. They eat tons of fruit, but the dark green leafies?!?!? Why does something that is sooooo good for you taste so bad?! It doesn't make sense. If Chocolate were the best food for you, we'd all be so very healthy around here!! ;D......

(My I could digress for the Olympics!!)

...ANYWAY.......But you'd think I was asking them to eat steaming toxic waste. It's such a hassle and makes me NUTS. I am sensitive to things they really don't like and to things that are very strong tasting or just gross ( Okra, I'm talking about YOU... bleurrgghhh) but honestly they sit and piiiick really slowly at their food or flat out WON'T eat it... Agggh. It doesn't happen very often really... I suppose most of the time they are pretty good eaters. Also, if I am honest with myself, I always sort of KNOW when they aren't going to eat something so I think I am more stressed out anyway, but I'm a miserable housewife... I am hopeless at meal planning and the like and dinner is so often off the cuff.... GAH!!!

Oh Good GRIEF get to the point!!!

So tonight I really wanted the Captain to eat some of the soup. It was so darn good for him he didn't even have to eat much... just SOME for Pete's sake ( who IS Pete and how will this help him? What kind of a situation does a person have to be in where a random stranger eating "just three spoons" of soup will save him?!?! ) *tsk... I did it AGAIN*... even I'm having a hard time following this....!!!

The boy was very upset especially when he begged to watch Wallace and Gromit rather than eat his soup. I put the tape away and said he could see it tomorrow but for now SOUP, MISTER!!! He became very upset... I was really annoyed... flaming ungrateful kids....! I make the soup to keep them healthy and what do I get?!! Nothing but grief, that's what!! It makes me nuts that all I want is for the best for them and they fight me the whole way...GAAAHHHH!!!....

I managed to get some spoonfuls into the little guy before I sent him upstairs to get ready for bed. He was sobbing he was so unhappy he couldn't watch Wallace and Gromit. He was crying that sort of cry where you try to talk and you c....c....c....can't get it out.... I felt so sorry for him. He likes to deal with it alone when he is sad and we have to respect that, so I left him alone but kept an ear and eye on him. He went under the table, turned his back and sobbed some more. I crawled under the table and lay next to him without speaking. I touched his leg for a brief moment, just so he knew I was there and then said "I'm mad at you. And you are mad at me?" "noooo" he sobbed and turned around.. his little tear stained face just tugged at my heart. I told him that even though I was mad at him, I still loved him. He said "I yub you Momma" and I asked him if he'd like a hug. Bless him he came right to me for a snuggle and I held him tight and kissed his little head. What a stinker. Right around his finger I am. And I wouldn't trade it. For anything. Until dinner time tomorrow... we're having squash!!


cathryn said...

Oh man, how do you find time to post so much? By the time I get back here, you have several more up! Also, why doesn't your blog have a feed so I can just get it in my reader? Usually blogspot ones do. Weird.

Anyway, hmm I started writing about how we manage not to do mealtime battles (though we have plenty of others) but it was getting long and I thought maybe I should avoid cluttering up other people's blogs with my thoughts and save them for my own ;)

But yes, those things you wrote in the beginning? I totally feel that way sometimes too!

Gorgeous. said...

Cathryn! I'd love to hear your mealtime battles!!! Clutter away!! ;D