Tuesday, November 20

Kids Say the funniest things... warnings...!!

A while ago the family were all sitting around the dinner table and Beans got the giggle which annoyed Captain Destructo immensely!!! He became quite agitated and repeatedly asked her to stop....."..stop it.....Stop! .... STOP IT!!!!" which of course only lead to her giggling even more whilst desperately struggling for composure to ease his wrath! "stop it...." he said, in a warning tone......"stop it... or I POINT A' YOU....!!!!!!!!!!!" Dun dun duuuuunnnn!!! LOL!!!

We all dissolved in stitches!!! He's hilarious!!! When I'm thoroughly annoyed with the children at the table I give them "the look" and then, if needs must, I point at them ( you know, as mother's do... the "point" which means "You are on Thin Ice Mister ( or Miss ) !!" Clearly the little guy thought that was the scariest thing to do to a person and by Jove, he was going to do it if she didn't stop giggling and quick!! ;D

Of course now, if anyone in the family is remotely annoying... well..... they are warned....!! ....
"I POINT a' you.....!!! "

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