Friday, November 23

Ap Moment of the day ~Thanksgiving

Today I gave my family the gift of a lovely Thanksgiving Day. I made the meal from scratch, from Turkey dinner to pumpkin pie ( with ginger topping that caramelised ...!! Recipes by request..!!! ) but the food wasn't the gift. The gift was my promise to myself that no matter what happened, no matter how stressed out I was, my family would not see me lose my temper or get flustered with them. ... and I did it!! I had a couple of challenges.... both children wanted to help... Beans was VERY helpful... donned her pinny and helped make the pies and dress up the turkey, Jackster, well, he wanted to be helpful by bringing in all his cookbooks and doing his best to tell us how to make cookies....!! I don't have a large kitchen by any means, so his being in the room with his stool and his books was rather stressful for me, but I was able to deal with it with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. The house wasn't very tidy, there was laundry in the living room, the fire wasn't lit, the table looked ok but wasn't fancy at all... the piping bag burst when I was trying to pipe mashed potatoes, the Rustic Cranberry and Apple tart was not going to be cooked in time for dinner since it needed to cook too high AND there wasn't enough pastry to cover it.... Beans dropped the pumpkin pie on it's way to the fridge and Jackster wanted to play out in the snow and when he finally was persuaded to come inside, would eat NOTHING but bread. N.O.T.H.I.N.G!! Flippin' kid. BUT, I didn't get upset. I kept my calm, smiled, and said "Nothing will bother me today" !! It WORKED!! I can't believe it worked.

We had a "perfect" Thanksgiving by not focusing on what "makes " it perfect but on allowing it to BE perfect, whatever it was.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful too.... come on Christmas... BRING IT ON!!!! :D

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Lisa said...

That is so cool, and a great lesson for all of us dealing with crazy relatives (young and old) during the holidays!

I had lots of fun catching up on your blog tonight. Wow you are prolific, not to mention hilarious.

So glad your Thanksgiving was happy. :)