Saturday, November 17

AP Moment of the day ~ Taking care of you.... find a good hiding place.

It's a gorgeous day outside.... it's 66 degrees out and sooo still. I can hear a woodpecker quietly hunting for bugs in the Ash tree, a squirrel is chattering in the trees above my head and an occasional dove will coo. ahhhhh... I feel my blood pressure collapsing, my breath grows deeper and my heart rate slows..... .... bliss. Tranquil bliss. I tip my head back and look up into a blue, blue sky. A wisp of cloud is moving oh so slowly by but nothing else stirs.

But then <<<>>> Reality hits like a brick to the head..... "mmmMMMMMOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!...... Get OFFFF.... Put that DOWN.... AAAAHHHHHHH..... it's MINE.... STOP IT.... GIVE ME THAT BACK!!!.... I HAD IT FIRST!!!!!......MMMMOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


The woodpecker and dove leave in a clap and flurry of beating wings. The squirrel scarpers up the nearest tree and is GONE. My blood pressure and heart rate careen upward... I tip back my head and yell "SSSSSHHHHAAADDDDAAAPPPPPPP" I ask what is WRONG, but find that I don't even really care what's wrong. Sort it out or go inside, but whatever you do BE QUIET!! We live amongst several neighbors, it's not like we live in the middle of nowhere, AND, quite frankly, I don't like the noise! Never mind the neighbors, I like the quiet!!! For a moment there is a truce and the kids return to leaping in an enormous pile of leaves that hubby had thoughtfully gathered, sifted for dog poop, and hauled out to the fenced yard.

Suddenly, from behind and above me, I hear "KAW! KAW!!" I look up and there, like a big blue Eagle in Camouflage pants, stands Hubby! ON THE CARPORT ROOF!!!!!!!! "What are you doing up there?!? " I hiss whilst immediately grasping the benefits. I head for the ladder and begin to scramble up too....

Hubby looks down and says "Would you like to..."

" spend the rest of the day laying on the roof in the sun and hiding from the kids? Why yes, I would" say I. ....

" I was going to say fetch me the hammer..." grumbles hubby!!!

I do get the hammer and spend a few peaceful minutes up on the roof planning how I will escape up here as often as possible. I can see it now... I'll have a blanket for naps, a drink or two you know, for thirst..., a book or two to keep me entertained if necessary. I've considered bringing up the phone, so I can yap.. or call the kids if I can hear them making too much noise from inside! I've also already planned that I will haul UP the ladder with me, so that a) they can't trap me up there by taking the ladder down AND, and this is the biggie, they can't get up !!! Oh man.... I can't wait!!! So, if you are ever looking for me, i'll be on the roof. Don't forget the secret knock and maybe I'll let down the ladder and let you into my clubhouse!!!!

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