Saturday, December 13

Day thirteen.... Easy as pie!

It has become a habit for hubby and I to do the week's grocery shopping together on a Saturday morning.  We tend to get pretty much the same stuff and have it down to a fine art but we also have lots of fun clowning around, tossing bags of frozen foods across the aisles to hubby is  a common thing to catch us doing and the folks at Trader Joe's love to see us play.  We often stop for a coffee or maybe pick up some lunch, it's kind of a date and we enjoy our time together.  today was no exception.  We made several stops today and even did a little Christmas shopping to try and get into the spirit.  60 degrees in mid December makes it hard for me to feel Christmassy that's for sure!  Anyway,hubby treated us to THIS which I love 

It reminds us of our trip and is so pretty!  I noticed it last year in the store and loved it then so I was delighted when hubby noticed it today and wanted to get it!

I wanted to make sure we did an act of kindness whilst we were out so we stopped at the Village Inn and paid for a holiday pie!  

Who ever came in to get a pie would find it was paid for and get a treat!  We picked out a very festive one!  

hope it's tasty!!

The evening was spent with a French theme as we watched Ratatouille whilst eating dinner!  Now I'm wrestling with Millie as I attempt to write this post on  my phone  at the same time as nursing her to sleep.  It's Not Working!   


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