Thursday, December 11

Day Eleven!

Day Eleven!  Already?!  Oh I'm starting to get that little butterfly in my stomach.  The one that says....  You DO realize you haven't bought / ordered one gift yet... not one... and some of them have to go to ENGLAND.... you know... that butterfly! :D

Anyway, we had a fun day!  The usual toddler type amusement.  We have a little girl who comes to be with us on Thursday and Friday so she and Millie played and watched Frozen ( again.. )  I baked a few more Christmas cakes for hubby's work folks with more than a little help from the neighbors since it turns out I had run out of eggs and cinnamon.  But I didn't notice them both at the same time of course... that would be too easy!!  ...   Gah!

We managed to fit in our act of kindness today.  This one was an easy one in theory!  We had a bunch of Christmas themed scratch cards and wanted to send them to random folks!  We were going to go through the phone book shouting STOP at random places and then mail a Christmas card containing a scratch card and a little message to whomever we picked from the page.  Great idea!  Only.... no phone books.  I recycle them as we never use them!...  almost never!  OK so we'll use Google maps and a die.  ...  only Google maps kept crashing..... OMG!!  I finally got it loaded and we used the die to pick whether to turn left or right and which side of the road, which house number etc!  It was kind of fun!  A TAD time consuming, kind of fun and TOTALLY random!! :D

So there ya have it!  Today's Act!!  I popped down to the post office and dropped off the cards as I had to go to the local store to get (more) eggs.  I totally had spaced off that I needed egg whites to make the royal icing frosting!!  Sometimes I worry I'll forget the kids!! Har!!

OK, well no Helper Cat pics tonight... he hides under the couch when we have company and Jess's friend is here for the night soooo....  You'll just have to imagine him!! LOL!!


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