Tuesday, December 9

Day nine ... Hitting the Target.

It was time for me to get my hair trimmed.  I took Jess and Millie and dropped them off at Target and stopped at the local Cost Cutters to get my locks lashed.  I had a really nice girl cut my hair... about the first thing she told me was she was wearing a wig ( nice long brown hair ) and under that was bright pink shortness!!  ( I love pink hair and had pink hair myself for much of last year! )  She asked where I was from, I said England...her last name is England...  she loves the English accent ( well, really, who doesn't !? ) and would love to go visit.  She told me all about some cool markers she used to draw on her mirror ( I want some! ) and told me the name of the place to get cheap wigs!  When she'd finished with my hair she rang me up at the check out and I gave her an 80% tip.  She was pretty happy about that and said "It's because my name is England, isn't it!?"  ( Maybe...!!)  ( It wasn't an expensive hair cut! )

Meanwhile in Target Millie and Jess were having an adventure of their own!  We'd set out 10 one dollar bills and written a little note on each one.

Jess and Millie hid them all over the store for people to find.  I'd hoped Jess might have been able to take pics but apparently Millie was being rather a handful.  ( really?  Millie??  Nah....!! )   When I met them in the store Jess was getting over heated and fed up with chasing the toddler hither and yon so whilst she went to purchase a little something for her brother, I thought a small Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks might cheer her frazzled soul.  I headed up to the bar to get her one (and me, I won't lie) and there was a lady there in front of me on the phone and rifling through her wallet to find a couple of dollars for her coffee.  "I'll get this!"  I said.. and so I bought her coffee for her.  She was very grateful and surprised.  It was literally only a couple of dollars but makes a difference in someone's day.  I'm telling you, these acts of kindness are totally addictive!

Later that afternoon the book mobile came to town.  I wanted to go by and see if I could find a book I always read at Christmas time.  I can never think of the name but it's always there for me to read!  I took Miss Millie along with me at her request (she even went to put on clothes for me!) and I was happy to see that my friend Rebecca was driving the bus today.  She said she was so glad I came along as she wanted to tell me something.  Apparently at the previous stop a teacher had come on the bus and said that in the book she had checked out she had found a dollar bill with a note on it... !!  From us!  Rebecca explained to the teacher all about our acts of kindness and said that she should do something good with it to pass it along.  The teacher was excited and said she certainly would.  Rebecca and I couldn't remember if it had been one or even TWO years ago since we put bills in the books, but the awesome thing is that one dollar bill was still in action even today. I remember the kids having such fun picking out books to hide money in, we had a ball.   And then we would think about how surprised children would be to find money in their books..  I'm not making myself very clear, it's late and I fell asleep putting Millie to bed, but I'm trying to get at how lasting an act of kindness is.  One dollar, one or two years ago and it's still having an impact today.

And now, one more act of kindness for the day.... Helper Cat... having his chin scratched!!!

Night night!!

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