Wednesday, December 10

Day ten! No Fudging!

Today started out early and fast.  We had our usual breakfast routine (which is pretty involved and you'll either think I'm crazy or bragging so you don't need to hear all the details! ) ...  Got my boy off to the bus stop and then came home to quickly wash all the dishes and clear up and get some clothes on Millie before heading across Lincoln to the Ice Rink! :D  The lovely Diana managed to persuade me to sign Jess up for an ice skating lesson and basically Jess and Diana's daughter had the whole rink to themselves for an hour!!  It was fabulous!  If I didn't have miss Millie to watch I'd have been out there in a heart beat.  The instructor was fabulous and in no time Jess was out in the middle of the rink like she was born to it!  Next week the instructor said she'd see if she had some skates small enough for Millie!

Anyway, after all the excitement of skating I made a quick stop at the grocery store and also the library then we headed on home.  Millie wanted to watch Frozen ( can't think why?! ) and I sat and read my books  napped a little.  It was rather pleasant I must say.  Anyway as the afternoon wore on I made a batch of fudge and bagged some up along with some Candied Pecans we'd made yesterday.  I drove into our little town and dropped some fudge off to the mail lady and the rest of to the city office next door.  A very quick and easy but also quite tasty act of kindness!  

I took the dogs for a lovely long walk this evening and checked out the lights in town as they started to flick on.  Some beautiful displays out there.  I returned home in time to make dinner after which Jack allowed Millie to sit on his lap as they both played Toca Kitchen together on the iPad.  If you know Jack you know that this is the biggest news of the day.  It's a BIG deal folks!

He kinda loves his sister!!

So now the house is quiet.  I fell asleep putting Millie to bed.. again...  and I had wanted to put a loaf of bread in the oven to cook for tomorrow's breakfast so I'm going to be up a while as it bakes.  I may not manage to stay awake the whole time...  **yawn!**

Anyway... here's helper cat.   Helping. 


Night all. 

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