Friday, December 12

Day Twelve .. one for the animals.

Today was almost 60 degrees.  Seriously!  I sent all the girls outside to bounce on the trampoline and Millie didn't even have to put on Clo' !! :D  They had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the lovely temps.  I went out later in the afternoon and was really surprised at the number of people walking around town and just sitting outside enjoying the warm temps!! :D

As for me I spent the day writing Christmas cards.  It probably would have been fun to have counted how many I sent..... but I didn't...!! :D  Suffice it to say it was quite the stack when I took it to the post office!  We racked our brains trying to think of today's random act and then an ad in the mail inspired me.  Today we wrote a Christmas card to Hearts United for Animals, a non kill shelter in Nebraska.  We added our donation and a thank you note for all they do.  What a wonderful organization. 

I wish it could be more.

No helper cat tonight... he's still under the couch!! :D Silly muppet.

And now, I've got all my chores done, my blog is written and once I've got Millie to bed the night is my own!  I wonder if I'll sleep it away on the couch or maybe I'll watch a movie!!....  Whooot!  Friday nights!! LOL!

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