Sunday, December 14

Day Fourteen ... What goes around..!

Well today started in the 50's, cloudy and drizzly.  An odd start for a winter day but there ya have it!  I'd promised the kids that I would take them to the dog park so they could run with the dogs again and I had also promised to take them to the mall so they could so some Christmas shopping and I had ALSO promised myself we would get the Christmas tree today.    Hubby went out this morning with his bud for his usual Sunday morning breakfast so I got the kids ready, two sets of clothes each, two pairs of shoes each, three kids two dogs and one Harried Momma to go.  We went first to the dog park and everyone had a great time.  The puppy is getting the hang of the place now and knows where we are when we pull in.  She was barking and rocking the dog crate no sooner had I turned off the engine!  She was in puppy paradise!


This was Millie's first time to the dog run though and she caught on FAST!!  She ran like mad to keep up with everyone!! 

It was pretty muddy which is why I suggested the two pairs of shoes etc....  one puppy got a little friendly with Jack....  LOL!!

So from the dog park it was straight on to the mall.  We live out of town so it didn't make sense to drive home and drive back when the mall is only a few minutes from the park.  We gave the dogs some water, put Yogi back in her crate with a chew and a blanket and we changed our clothes and shoes to look a TOUCH more presentable for Christmas shopping!  ... To the MALL!!

I like the Mall at Christmas time but only for the atmosphere.  SHOPPING at this time of year is disgusting to me!!  I hate if I don't know what I'm looking for and I wander aimlessly from store to store dragging unwilling children and nursing sore feet.  Bah!  We wandered around a bit as a family and then Jess said she'd like to go her own way for a while so we agreed to meet up in thirty minutes by the food court.  Jack, Millie and I pressed on in search for a gift for Daddy...  but instead we chose Runza fries and a salad!  We met Jess and all had a snack to keep our spirits up!! :D 

Of course it's fact that Runza fries are simply a carrier for ketchup...!

And then who did we see on his way back to the HUGE crowd in line to see him??  Oh yes, the big man himself! 

Well we were having a pretty good time considering!  We really expected it to be a lot more stressful and I think if we had stayed very much longer it would have begun to get that way so we boogied on out ready for home.  As we were leaving we spotted the carousel and the large line of folks waiting their turn.  I made a quick enquiry as to how much the tickets were ( $2 each ) and so explained about our random acts and told the lady I would like to buy the next 7 tickets.  We quickly ducked out of the way as the lady began to explain the deal to the customers.  I hope they had fun!

So off we went home.  The dogs got in the door and flaked out and we all pretty much did the same.  I made another batch of fudge ready for our trip to the tree farm and after a while we gathered ourselves up ready to go again.  We go to this farm every year and headed off excited to pick out this year's tree.  Imagine our chagrin when we encountered THIS....

SOLD OUT?!?!  :(  Boo.  So we drove off to the big city and wow....  there are hardly any trees anywhere.  Those that remain were cut in SEPTEMBER ( can someone tell me why they have to be cut in September??? ) and were SO expensive....  So anyway.  We came home with nothing but are making a new plan.  We haven't quite figured it out yet, but we will.  I'm sure we'll have a tree by the middle of next week.  One way or the other!  

So tonight sees us eating dinner in front of the TV watching Alvin and the Chipmunks nibbling fudge for afters.  It's raining and 55 degrees outside...  oh do hurry up and snow or I'll never be able to get my shopping done!!  

No cat tonight... he's outside enjoying the balmy temps!  


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