Sunday, December 7

Day Seven... It's a dog's life!

Today, oh boy.  A strange day to start out with.  It was very gray and misty, drizzly dampness.  Not a very Cheery day that's for sure.  Some days when it's gray outside I tend to get a bit low.  I don't mean to, I don't even notice it really until I find myself too low to get myself back up.  Today was a bit like that.  After a lovely cup of tea and a chat with a couple of friends I was able to feel a bit more like myself.  I knew that if I went out for a walk I would feel better and I knew if I did an Act of Kindness I would feel TONS better.  It does that for you, Acts.  You just can't help but feel good inside.  I don't think you could be in a bad mood and do one.  You certainly couldn't be in a bad mood AFTER you had.   So I had a little think and came up with a plan.  I nursed miss Millie to sleep and lay her on the couch.  Her Daddy stayed home with her and I took the other two kiddoes and the two dogs and we set out in the van on a mission.  I decided to pick up some dog treats to take to the dog run today.  We decided to stop at our local store in town rather than giving our money to a big box store in the city.   I was AMAZED at all the goodies I was able to collect!!

Quite the haul!

So we headed off to the park.  Oh my the pooches just love it there!! :D  I met a friend from Dog Training Classes there and we walked around with her and her pooch for a while.  My dogs ran and ran and ran until they were filthy and exhausted.  Just how a dog should be.  We had tasked Jack with the task of choosing the recipient of today's gift and he was excited to do his job!

We walked around for a while and a nice man stopped and chatted with us about Yogi, our puppy.  Jack thought that maybe he would be a perfect person and handed him the package saying "This is for your dog!"  

The man said he thought his dog would be VERY pleased!  Jack did a great job!!

So anyway, after a good walk in the cold damp air we headed home to watch Aladdin by the fire.  When I walked in the door I found Millie and Daddy in an intense game of Chess...

And later she demonstrated how to do sit ups ( she was "helping me" with them the other day...  fyi it's not helping if you are nursing on somebody when they are trying to do sit ups.  Kinda makes it a bit harder!! ) 

And once again, the cat.  Sitting quietly, waiting for his head bump.  Silly boy.  

Night all. 

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