Monday, December 8

Day 8 ... One for the kids!

Today was pretty darn productive... at least...on and off anyway!  It certainly wasn't productive from the get go, but on reflection I got quite a lot done.  Prepare for a stack of photos! :D

Let's start out with one from breakfast shall we? :D I just LOVE how Millie has laid her napkin nicely across her lap!  Makes me warm inside.

Her buddy from next door came over to play and they wasted NO time getting right down to it.  We had snacks, they JUMPED around all over the place and laughed their little tails off.  Millie is SO lucky to have a girl the same age as her living right next door.  I know Jess and I are totally jealous of Millie's fortune!  They enjoy each other's company already, I do hope it continues as they grow older! 

We did a little arts and crafts~ing using this genius idea I saw on Pinterest (probably, isn't everything to be found on there?!?) ...  a clothes peg holding a pom pom for easy painting!  Make them all the same color and coordinate them with the paint..??  Even easier!! :D  The girls made these lovely Christmas trees and then painted some more and more and more!

We follow ( ahem, rather loosely sometimes) the Flylady method of house cleaning and organization. I honestly swear by it, that and Minimalism!  The less you have, the less there is to clean!   Anyway today is whole house cleaning day so that means stripping the beds, vacuuming the whole house, cleaning the windows and mirrors, emptying all trash cans etc etc.  

... Can you spot my awesome hose repair here????  I went to vacuum this morning and the thing was making a really scary hissing noise!  I came to find that the hose was torn almost completely through!!  Quick!  To the Duct Tape!! :D  I wrapped it up nice and tight and Voila!  I can vacuum again.  Good thing too.  I narrowly avoided getting a blasted Vacuum cleaner for Christmas.  Some one would have gotten hurt!! :D

Anyway... onward and upward! ... So then it was time to bath the dog!  Remember the trip to the park yesterday!?!  I had not realized just how FILTHY the little dog got !!!  OMG.  Jess ran a nice deep and warm tub full of water for us in the basement sink and I stuck her in it.  For the first time ever she was wagging her tail as I bathed her!  I think she really enjoyed how warm the water was!   I actually took a pic of all the MUD left in the sink when we were done but it's on Jess's iPod and she's in bed so you'll just have to imagine a sink so gross you are shocked!  And also imagine a picture of a REALLY blurry dog as she ran off from us once we had dried her off!!  Hilarious!  The big dog was chasing her all over the house as she wasn't convinced it was actually Lucy who came back upstairs! 

So anyway, down to today's Act! :D   I decided to go for a walk as it was a ridiculous 51 degrees this afternoon.  We should have all gone really but one thing and another.... you know how it is.  If you don't have kids or you don't know how it is, just guess.  It just is.  Trust me.  Anyway, off I went, taking BIG stretchy leg strides and breathing in deep breaths! I headed to the local little grocery store again for I had a plan.  I wanted to get some candy canes to give to the kids off the bus like we did a year or more ago.  I chose the candy canes and then thought, huh, I can do better than that, so I also got some cocoa mix, some marshmallows and some of those tree shaped cake things.  I took them all to the checkout and then paused.  Huh.  I'd left my money at home!!  :D  Ho hum!  I walked home and picked up the money DROVE back ( it was getting a bit close for time!) and we put together ten bags of treats with a note.  

The note included that the gift was from the neighbor in an attempt to not make it look like I'm trying to sell crack to the kids off the bus.  I was leery of the small sized baggies I was using for the 4 marshmallows !! LOL!!  I watch too much TV sometimes I think!  Anyway, we picked Jack up off his bus and went across the street from our house to the bus that stops there.  We waited a little while ( as I said, it was a warm day ) and soon the bus arrived.  

Jack, my crazy helper!

The faces of the kids still on the bus are funny!  HEY!!!

We handed out bags to each child who got off the bus but ended up with 5 bags left.  We knew there were two boys on that street who come home with their mom so we went to their house to see if they would like a bag.  

Knock knock!!

They were very grateful and I heard one of them say to his Mom as we were walking away "Well, that was nice!!"  :) 

We still had three left and we have neighbors right across the street with three boys, so that was a "problem" soon taken care of! :)  10 happy kids.  Easy and fun!  (A big thank you to Jessie who helped me stuff all the bags and helped with the holly on the notes! ) 

(*no helping Kitty tonight... he must be outside on the prowl!)

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