Monday, December 15

Day Fifteen.. Neither snow nor rain

Today's Act was an easy one and one I enjoyed doing.  Our mail carrier, Becky, is a lovely lady.  She's so friendly and kind.  When Millie was born she and Cathy, the post mistress, both came over to have a look at her!  She leaves candy for the kids on Valentine's day AND ON THEIR BIRTHDAYS!!  (How does she know it's their birthday?!) .. so to give her a little surprise was a no brainer for me!  I'd cooked up another batch of fudge ( oh fudge how we love thee! ) and put it into a pretty bag and then into a nice dish.  That along with a greetings card and a small Christmas tip was tucked with the mail into our mail box.  A little something extra for her on her rounds this morning!

The rest of the day was spend fuddling around.  Sometimes it's hard to get moving on a Monday following the sloth of Sunday.  Today was one of those days!  I had a lot to do, and got only a little done.  Never mind.  Progress is progress, right?? :D  I got the beds stripped, changed and washed, I ordered a BUNCH of Christmas gifts online, I made dinner (boxed Mac and Cheese... shhhh!!) which the heathens scarfed like I never feed them!  Believe me if I'd slaved for hours in the kitchen over some exotic gourmet dinner ( or heck, something with more than one pan...!) you can bet they'd have turned up their noses at it!  But box Mac and Cheese ( albeit G/F ) was a DELIGHT!  Two whole boxes, three kids...  **blink and you missed it!!**

So there ya have it!  Tonight it's blowing a freezing gale but none of the promised snow.  I really would enjoy just a little of it, just to make it feel a little more seasonal.  Hubby has offered to do the dishes if I wanted an early night... DO I want an EARLY NIGHT?!!?  Heck yeah!  So at 8:30 at  night Millie and I are headed up the apples and pears!  (I hope to read a little in bed, SUCH a treat!)

Catch y'all on the flip side!!

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