Thursday, December 18

Day Eighteen! A quickie!

Tonight's post will be short and sweet... but probably not...  I just got back from a late night Christmas shopping / date escapade with hubby and have put the kids to bed and got the lunch ready and prepared tomorrow's smoothie and now want to write a fairly quick post before I go to bed! :D har!

So... here ya go!  Today's Act of Kindness is sort of two fold.. or even rather three or four...   To start with we sent 3 bags of fudge with 3 gift cards to Jack's para's and his teacher today.  But I forgot to take a photo so it didn't happen.  Boo.  Of course it did, but, you know.  Anyway, we also had a bag of cookies spare from the other day's baking binge and when our lovely UPS fella showed up, well, guess where the cookies went? :D  He's SUCH a nice man and has been our UPS guy for years and years.  He's just lovely.  He really deserves more than cookies, but that's what we had, so that's what he got! :D

Picture...!! :D

Of course you can't see the cookies... but there ya go.  Trust me, he got 'em! :D 

So then what else happened today?  Well I had two little girls here for Daycare today along with Millie.  They are such LOVELY girls, it's really a piece of cake to watch them and I love doing it!  Here they are playing together...

And here are the three of them...

I like the above pic because my house looks relatively clean and tidy.  Don't be fooled! :D  It wasn't TOO long after this was taken that Millie took an entire cup of Ovaltine and dumped it over her entire body necessitating a bath.  She loves baths so I suspect that was all part of her plan! :D  ( and yes, she is watching Frozen.  Again.  Money well spent on Amazon I can tell ya! ) 

Later in the day Mary and Charlotte came over and the girls ALL went downstairs to play together and make a movie!  I was left alone and with so much to do... so I did this instead! 

Please note the mistletoe hanging over the sink.  Whomever is doing dishes gets kissed!! :D 

But yeah, I made those stain glass thingys with tissue paper, construction paper and contact paper.  Easy peasy and lots of fun! 

At five o'clock we were all sitting watching Winnie the Pooh's Christmas ( or something!) and the little girl's grandpa came to pick her up.  At 5:30 Lilly dog arrived for her Christmas visit whilst her lovely owner goes home for the holidays and at 5:40 hubby arrived from work ready to take me shopping at the mall!  As I said earlier we got back about 10ish, then it was hustle the kids to bed and get my chores done for morning and a "quick" post... how did I do?!!? :D

I just went into the kitchen for something and came back to realize all the animals have congregated around me!  I feel like snow white! :D  

Helper cat, Yogi, Lucy and Lilly! :D  Herman has since arrived too but he missed getting his picture taken!

So there ya have it!  My day in a nutshell!  I can't wait for tomorrow, Jack's last day at school for a couple of weeks!  I'm really looking forward to having him back home! :D

Night all!!

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