Tuesday, December 16

Day sixteen .. Recycling dude and a Christmas Tree dilemma.

So today was another easy one for us!  I baked a batch of oatmeal and choc chip cookies and put them into gift bags.  I then added a $5 Starbucks card and set the cookies and card out for the poor fella who has to pick up our recycling every week!  He's a nice guy and very conscientious, I hope he enjoys the cookie and a nice warm drink somewhere... MAN it was cold out this morning! :D

The next project was to decorate the Christmas tree... now... some might say I'm a bit weird.... (shut up you) because I like to have all my chores done before I do any "fun" stuff so I wanted to wash dishes, make the beds, run the laundry etc etc before I could decorate the tree but Millie wanted to nurse nurse nurse and poor Jess was desperate to get started on it...  I promised I would be ready by noon.  I sort of was but just could NOT get motivated.  I wasn't sure where I was going to put the tree ( we usually have huge ones but this year because of the puppy it is much smaller ) and we have enough decorations for two seven foot tall trees and this year we have one about four foot tall so we have to decide what to put on and what to leave off... you know, silly ass first world problems like that.   So we began what ended up being a really complicated rigmarole.  Firstly I strung the tree with colored lights and then we chose a theme ( we don't usually have much of a theme ) .. blue and silver and white decorations.  We put the ornaments on, stood back, and Jess said we should probably have white lights rather than colored to go with the silver....  so we took everything off again ( one plus of a teensy tree!) and re strung it with white lights.  Put all the ornaments back on... hmm... now if we set the tree next to the Eiffel tower with it's LED white lights our tree lights look like yellow teeth.  

We turned off the Eiffel tower lights here because it looked crazy!

Took everything off again and put on white LED lights....  yuk.  Too big, too garish.  At this point I gave up and slung the lights over the tree and quit.  I decided to wait until Hubby got home to see what he suggested.  We went through various scenarios including going out and buying new lights etc etc.  Finally, after a little pity party on my behalf we came up with a new plan.  Or rather I opened my eyes to what Christmas is really about.  I had been totally caught up in making the tree "look pretty" so I wouldn't let the kids really hang any ornaments or anything... they could PASS me them..  ( what is WRONG with me ) and I'd even said to hubby that if I let them do it "they would wreck it" !!  I KNOW!!  I SAID that....!  But anyway, as I said, I did come around and realize that the BEST way to decorate that tree was to put the colored lights BACK on and let the kids totally do it themselves with NO help from me at all!  


Millie working hard ( can you tell Blue is her favorite color?)

She cheered after each addition!

Jess the tinsel tosser!


Safely tucked away from the dog ( I hope! ) 

And the tower gleams alone!

And you know what, the tree has never looked more beautiful.  Making memories people!


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