Friday, December 19

Day Nineteen. .. Not at all staged.

Tonight's post really IS going to be a quick one....  LOL!!  Hubby is waiting for me to watch a movie with him.... soooo... here goes! :D

Ok, but first I have to show you the neat pancakes I made for breakfast this morning.....

Cool eh?? :D I made the snowman one for Millie but in true Baker form she refused to eat it because it had a face.  Jack refused to eat a Mickey Mouse one some lovely lady made for him at a restaurant once when he was about Millie's age!! LOL!!  Oh how we laughed!!

So we had a very leisurely start this morning.......    waaaaay more TV than I will ever admit, thank the lord for Netflix and streaming Curious George that's all I can say!  I did provide ample snacks ( and way too much chocolate and ice cream), toys and books....   !!  Eventually I got myself moving, and made two big batches of Gingerbread dough whilst listening to a podcast of Serial. ( not heard of it? find it, download it.  It's awesome!)

Millie helped me stir..... sort of.....

You will notice her clothes on the chair behind her.....   *sigh*

Tonight Jess and I went to the Stage Theatre here in town to see our friends in the production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  It was such fun and so well done.  We like to read the book every Christmas since our friend Alicia introduced it to us some years ago.  It's just so funny.  We decided to do our Act of Kindness there and after we'd collected our tickets we approached the snack bar and basically bought candy for the next 14 people in line!! :D  Fun fun fun!! :D

So, see, I can be quick!!

No cat pics tonight... he's outside, silly sod.  BUT here are some dog pics... you know... for whatever reason! :D

Lucy LOVES when Lilly comes to stay!! :D

Yogi under the table chewing on something noisy..!

Night all! :D 

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