Wednesday, December 17

Day Seventeen Trash Talking!

Today started out BUSY!! :D  We agreed to meet my lovely friend Diana and her beautiful daughter at the skating rink again today which necessitates an early start from our house.  But first breakfast, the getting to the bus of Jack, getting Millie up and fed and persuaded into clothes, seeing Hubby off to work, putting the dogs out, feeding the dogs, putting the dogs out again, washing the dishes, changing my shoes, finding Millie's boots, putting the big dog in the crate and putting the garbage out for pick up.  And right away that's where todays act of Kindness came in!  The garbage men!  We treated them to a bag of cookies and yes, another Starbucks gift card each.  Honestly I don't know what people did without Starbucks gift cards!  I mean, if you don't  drink coffee they have tea or hot chocolate or cold drinks and food...  I really don't go there very often, I'm not a huge coffee drinker and I don't like a lot of additives in my drinks BUT I do love a Peppermint Mocha when the season calls for it!!

Nothing like eating food you found on top of the trash can!

Not fancy, but I hope they like it! :D

After everything was said and done we hightailed it to the van, this time making sure Millie had her boots ( but evidently forgetting her Mi' (mittens) ) and headed across the town to the ice rink. The instructor had brought a pair of skates from home for Jess to wear and offered them to us for a bargain price at the end of the lesson.  I snatched them up and insisted Jess take the box too... hey, I can wrap 'em and  use it for another Christmas gift!  Hah!  How fun to have your own pair of ice skates... I always wanted skates when I was a kid but we never had the chance to go skating really.   

Fancy skates!  Filthy glass...! :D

We went by Target on the way home to pick up some bits and pieces (including Yoga pants which were on sale.  I accidentally came home with a "skinny" pair ... har har... THAT wouldn't work... I look bloody HORRENDOUS in skinny yoga pants!  Like a pair of toothpicks with a big fat ass. )
When we arrived home at our front door the dogs started barking and I said... "hmm... Yogi sounds a bit too close to the door to be in her dog crate."  Sure enough... she had busted out!!  Happily she hadn't destroyed anything other than the blanket that had been in the crate with her...  Yikes.  I was very grateful the curtains, the tree and the dining room chairs were still intact! 
Innocent?? :D  Pah!

 Millie insisted I sit with her and give her some "side" so I did whilst Jess and I watched The Incredibles together.  Predictably Millie fell asleep for her nap so I took the chance and shot back to Target to switch out my pants!  Terrible waste of gas I'm sure, but I REALLY wanted to change them.  LOL!!  Don't judge me please!! LOL!  As it is I haven't even tried them on yet!  I guess I'm afraid to incase they look awful on me!  Only a few things can make my rear look decent and most of those things involve copious amounts of lycra!! 

Anyhoo, I get back home and Millie is still napping!  Fabulous!  Jess digs out her roller blades and proceeds to roll about the place as I prepare cookies, bake bread and make dinner.... Diana's delicious baked spaghetti squash!  Later, when Millie wakes up again I had to snap a pic of her because she was STILL wearing Clo' !!  She'd managed to stay dressed from 8am until about 4!  It's a record!  (she DID try really hard to pull off her socks but they weren't socks, they were tights and she could NOT get them off from under the poppers on her vest and her jeans!!  (not my first child!!) 

Millie!  Still in Clo' !! :D
Now it's late, Millie is hopefully sleeping .... hubby is PROBABLY sleeping alongside her and the other two kids are most likely snoring too.  Helper cat has shown up again tonight, hauling his stretchy self out from under the couch now no one is around to chase him or otherwise mess up his groove.  He's a really loving cat when he wants to be... but it's so DRY in the house that if I pet him his fur sticks to me with the static and gets all over my face .... ack!  

He's just waiting for me to pet him!!  He looks so serious!

So anyway, now it's time to get the dishes washed, the kitchen back in order and I'm going to work on finishing my book...  I don't really want to finish it because I love it...  weird eh!?  

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