Saturday, December 20

Day 20.... Give a kid a Cactus day!

Rex and I always do our shopping on a Saturday morning.  Usually early early early to beat the crowds and to allow us to then have the rest of the weekend "free"! :D

This morning we had planned to leave about 7am, go to the bagel place, have some coffee and plan our "attack"!  ... so naturally we woke up at 8:45.  And then faffed about.  So that it was 9:30 when Rex called and found out the hair appointment he thought he'd missed yesterday was actually this morning.... at 10....  Gah.  I had him pour my cuppa tea into my to go mug and he and I said bye to the kids and hustled out.  3 minutes down the road and I realized I had left me tea at home...   4 minutes out and I realized I hadn't had breakfast!!  Great start!! :D

We made it to the appointment only a couple of minutes late and I face timed with my kids whilst I waited!!  I hate to run out on them first thing in the morning if we haven't really had time to say howdy!! :D  "Morning Jess!  Watch your siblings for me! Thanks for making Tea, see you later!!"

After the hair appointment it was on to the grocery stores which we at full swing and full capacity!  Everyone seemed to be in fine spirits though and it's not like we were in a big hurry!    I decided to do  my Random Act in the grocery store and thought I would buy some flowers for someone today.  Whilst I was checking out the flowers and plants I spotted a young girl (perhaps 8 or 10 years old) and an older boy (maybe an older brother or possibly her young father) and they were checking out the floral display.

The girl was pointing at various things and off she went into the refrigerated section with all the flowers.  I asked the man who was with her what she was up to and he said "looking for something for Mom"  :)  Awww...!  She came out of the fridge with a small bunch of yellow tulips and her brother / dad said ..." uummm....."  !  I left them to it and went a picked out a pretty pink Christmas Cactus.  I have one that flowers every year at this time and it's lived for years now (if I can do it anyone can!  I have a black thumb!  Plants tremble at my name!) and my Mum has one that's over 40 years old!  Christmas Cactus plants are a good investment in my opinion!!  Anyway I picked one out and also a package of pink gum... because... gum...!!  I paid for it all and popped the receipt back into the wrapper of the plant and went to track down the two I'd met earlier.  I found them soon enough and caught the girl's attention.

"This is for you!" I said.  "It needs some water and some love but should last you a long time and will make some pretty flowers!"

She was so thankful I was really touched.   She seemed genuinely pleased and seemed to be very happy about the gum too! :D

Anyway, there ya go... today's act!

After that Hubby and I went on to more stores... I went to Michael's and was able to pick up a bottle of glitter glue, get to the check out ( no line! ) and out again in only 3 minutes!  Now, if you ever shop at Michael's you will know why hubby totally missed me walking out the store as he sat in the car looking for me!  He was imagining I would be an age!  I've NEVER been in there without a line before!!

Trader Joes next... and wine sampling!  Great idea on an empty stomach!  Honestly what must they think of me in there!!

Panera Bread for lunch then home to my babes one of whom was COVERED in tomato soup!

Tonight we sat and watched The Santa Clause movie... somehow watching a movie with a 15 year old, a reluctant 12 year old, a crazy 2 year old, 3 dogs and 2 cats is not as relaxing as one might hope.  Dogs want out, dogs want in, baby wants attention, baby needs diaper changing, baby needs to poop, dogs want to sit on you, dogs want to wrestle with each other, 12 year old wants hot chocolate, hubby wants coffee, baby wants milk, baby wants to make you pretend to drink a cup of epsom salts she's poured for you as long as you then go "PooOOOooeeee" and make spitting noises.... over and over and over again....

So, yeah, we "watched" the movie and then put the kids to bed.  (I should be clear that Jess of course puts herself to bed...!! LOL!  )

Now it's time for hubby and I to have a little peace and quiet and the animals have all worn themselves out too.

Night all!

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