Sunday, December 21

Day 21 for the birds

Today was.... um.... interesting...!  I may or may not have defied the universe and went ahead to take three kids and three dogs to the dog park resulting in a chipped tooth for me and some poor guy taking a tumble and almost ALMOST rolling into the water at the park.  Not to mention a little girl who cried THE ENTIRE way around, the mud the blood and the beer.   ... well the mud anyway.  I tried to salvage the morning by taking us all to Runza for hot chocolate only to find out that the main part was closed and only the drive through was open and I'd come in the wrong angle for the drive through.... blah blah blah... we went to U Stop for cocoa instead and headed home pretty beat.  Hubby had arrived before me having been out with his bud.  He'd lit the fire and put on the kettle for tea.  He also provided me with chocolate and told me he couldn't see the chip in my tooth.  He is a Good Man.    The day improved as I warmed my cockles, read my book and nursed my youngest.  Hubby later took Jess out to do a little more shopping and they stopped by the bird seed store on the way home where Jess did our Act of Kindness today.

We love the heck out of this store, the people are lovely and though the seed is more expensive, it's really good quality and fresh.  We've never had one complaint from the birds!  (hah!)  I love to feed the birds, I find it so satisfying.  They come right to our front window and we can watch them for hours.  Anyway, Jess just gave the money to the man behind the counter and explained it was an act of kindness and she wanted to pay for the next person's seed... or at least some of it!  Anyone who feeds the birds is good people in my book!

After I took some time to finish wrapping my gifts ( did ya hear that??  I'm DONE wrapping gifts and it's only the 21st!! ) and a light dinner, hubby and I went out for a drive to look at the Christmas lights.  We figured out a few years ago that the kids don't really enjoy it so it is pointless to make them come.  They are happy to stay home and wait for our return.  Even Millie, when I said Daddy and I were going for a ride at first said "ME!!" so I said, "Ok!  You want to come for a ride to look at Christmas lights??"  ... and she said "NooooOOOO!"  LOL!!  She hung home with the big kids instead!  Hubby and I toured the lights and swung by Starbucks for the obligatory Peppermint Mocha and got to spend a little time enjoying the music and the scenery.  

Now... Hook is playing on Netflix, the kids are sleeping and I am going to do a couple of last minute bits and pieces and it's off to bed for me too!  Night!

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