Saturday, March 2

Keep it simple and SIT DOWN!!

Oh good GRIEF!!!!!  COME ON!!!!!!!!

STANDING!?!?!?!?!?!    What the heck is going ON here?!?!?!!!

Jackster, having Down Syndrome, was much slower to get through all his stages.  We hadn't realized how lovely that was until now.....!!  With Jack's progress each little improvement was a reason to celebrate, it was such a long time before he could sit up unaided.  He never really did get the hang of crawling.  His first steps were a huge cause for celebration!!!!  It's been many years since Jack was a baby and we are so shocked by how fast this little girl is racing through everything!!!  SLOW DOWN little one.... slow down....!!

Other than Miss M shocking the bejimminy out of us this morning the rest of the day was pretty much a breeze!  We all went into town this morning to run some errands and we spent the rest of the day just putzing around the house a little bit....  a nice, laid back kind of a day!!!  So laid back in fact that we even forgot to unload the dishwasher.... hmm... do I bother at this point?!?!?  Still to be determined!! : D  I may just do some more crochet instead!! :D

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