Friday, March 1

Friday on the floor!

Today has been a loooong one for some reason!!!  I guess because I was up and out the house EARLY this morning for an appointment at EIGHT am!!  Eeesh.  Who does that??  Still being up and out and all that meant ... well, as I said, it meant it was a really long bloody day!! :D

When I got home from running errands though I was greeted with THIS......!!

The kids had baked me a cake!!!! ;D  How awesome are those kids?!?!?!  CAAAAAAKE!!!!!   So Jessie, Jack and I spent a great deal of time watching movies, drinking tea and eating cake all day!!  The REST of the time was spent dealing with THIS..........

Yah.  It's BLURRED because she is MOVING!!!!

LOOK at that stinker!!!

Tsk.  Planking no less!!!
Yup.  Up on all fours and MOVING!!!  I am so amazed watching this little girl.  I have done all I could to STOP her crawling and yet still she's doing it!!  She's programmed to crawl and she's doing everything right and there is NOTHING I CAN DO TO STOP IT!!!   **sob sob**!!

Jessie couldn't understand why I don't want her to crawl and I explained that first it's just laying there, then rolling, then crawling, then walking, then running, the driving, then they are gone.  I want my baby to STAY my baby....just for a little while longer!!!!   She's so bloody determined!!! :D  And do you know what she's after? What it is that is motivating that little bundle to haul herself across the floor????.......      The PLANT!!!  LOL!!

The plant... which is in mortal peril and has since been moved!!!

So, yah.  Basically we've been keeping our eyes on the littlest member today.  Oh, and we spent a little bit of time rolling around on the floor too...!!

Just how adorable is that face?!?!?

Big sister shows how it's done! ;D

So there ya have it!!  Friday at our place!! :D  Always exciting eh?! :D

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