Monday, February 25

A day with the dentist!

Today started out with a small miracle.....  !!  I managed to get myself showered and dressed, Jack bathed and dressed, and Millie changed and dressed ALL within an hour and a half !!! :D We had to take Jackster to the dentist this morning so had to get up, breakfasted and dressed into reasonably clean and tidy looking outfits!!  It was super helpful and appreciated that once again Jessie made us tea and emptied the dishwasher though she wasn't feeling all that great so I sent her back to bed for a while. When we were all ready to go Jessie decided to stay at home and work on her art whilst Jack, Millie and I ( and my bag of crochet!!) headed out and met hubby there.

Jack had a molar that was growing into another tooth and looked all kinds of crazy.  Half of the tooth had broken away and when I would floss his teeth it would literally tear the floss in half.  We'd been dealing with it for a while, I'm not one to jump on top of these things and as it wasn't hurting him (AND we had no insurance......) then we left it well enough alone.  I was taking care to keep it really clean and would daub Listerine on it to keep bacteria away, but I knew that it would have to be at least looked at sooner or later.  Sure enough the dentist wanted to take the tooth out.   I was dreading it because I wasn't sure HOW Jack was going to handle the pain of the shot so I said I didn't want them to do it.  I sent Hubby in to talk to them and he came out and we talked some more.  Hubby said he thought they should do it and that he thought Jack would be OK.  The dentist assured me that as a pediatric dentist they take great care in not hurting the children.  From MY experience when they say "You'll just feel a little pinch" they are talking out their ass and what they mean is "This is going to hurt like hell, try and act like a grown up and not cry." I told hubby to talk to Jack, explain what was going on and ask him what he thought it would be worth to get the tooth out.  In other words, what was his price!  Turns out a pile of hot wheels cars was going to get the job done!  I sat in the waiting room with Millie and Rex sat with Jack, holding his hand the entire time.  He said Jack did really well and when they gave him the injection the only thing that happened was his leg twitched.. he didn't even grip Rex's hand.   I am so pleased.  Jack is SUCH a good patient and he's so very well behaved when we go to the doctor or the dentist.  I think it helps that we have such great people who work with us but generally it helps that he can be such a good kid when we are out.  He's not that bad at home but I have to share that my day started out with the words "Jack punched me in the nose!!"  ....   sssiiiiiiggghh.  I've always heard that kids are their worst at home because they can be and we will still love them and as long as they are reasonably well behaved out in public, well, what do we have to worry about??! :D

So... after the dentist debacle and a trip to Target to stock up on Hot Wheels it was home again home again.  I had a nice hot cup of tea and we heated up some of last night's soup for lunch.  Jess and I watched the last in the series of Raising Hope  ( which was rotten... now we want to see the next series but it's not on Netflix yet.. !! )   I was so tired that once I got Millie down for a nap I lay down right next to her and went right to sleep myself.

The rest of the day passed in something of a blur!  I was woken from my nap before I was quite done sleeping, you know how that feels, right?  Like a hangover.  I felt so groggy!!  I got absolutely NO chores done and nothing picked up or worked on.. and guess what??  No one cares!  The earth is still spinning smoothly and the house feels quite relaxed!!  I'm going to get to it all.. one of these days... but not today!!

I keep hoping for a good night's sleep....  it's beginning to feel like the impossible dream.... I've almost forgotten what a full night's sleep feels like... it's becoming mythical....  Some day... right???  Yes!?!?

In the meantime, forget the Hokey Pokey... baby giggles are really what it's ALL about....!!

Night night....!

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