Sunday, February 24

Old friends with new faces.

Well!!  Ever wake up and think a day is going to go one way, and it ends up going a totally different way and that way is so totally better than the first way that you couldn't have imagined it if you tried??! ;D Yeah.  Today was like that !! ;D   I knew I had planned to be going out to a baby shower in the afternoon so last night I crocheted a baby turban for the new baby..... it turned out a little bigger than I'd hoped as I didn't have the correct sized crochet hook... still.. it worked for MY baby....

So this morning I posted on Facebook and asked my friends if they knew how to make a pattern smaller given that I was using a bigger hook....  I got lots of replies and I figured I would just make it with a couple less stitches to start with ....   My friend Mat said that and his family would be out later and they could stop by with the right sized hook if I liked!  I said not to worry, I'd just try it my way!  We live out of town so it's a hassle for anyone to have to come out here unless they live in the area!

Anyway, I got started on crocheting right after I made zucchini muffins for breakfast.  We didn't have much else in to eat and there were three little zucchini looking rather forlorn in the fridge so the muffins were just the thing.  The kitchen was something of a disaster area but I wasn't concerned... I just needed to get "crowing"!!  Oh, and did I mention that I was still in my PJ's?!  No?  Well.. yeah.  I was.   Anyhoo.. here I am, sitting on the floor, crowing as fast as my fingers would crow when the phone rang.  My lovely friend Jen was calling and asked if she could come over and show us her new puppy. Her new Pyrenean Mountain Dog Puppy.  Them are LARGE!!  ;D  We were all excited so I tore off to get dressed then flew around the house picking up and tidying etc etc... (Yes, the irony of Flylady and my mess of a living room DID occur to me...)  

Soon Jen and Hope arrived.....  .... Oh... My.    

Yup.   We want one!!!!!   We used to foster Great Pyrs and we just love the holy heck out of them!!  LOVELY pooches!!! :D

Anyway, we visited with Hope until we wore  her out and she went behind the chair to sleep!!  Jen left after PROMISING that we would get together again soon!  We really don't live far from each other but never seem to get together.  Know how that goes??

I sat back down to crochet some more and noticed another car pull into our driveway.....   What??!?  WHO????  .... We went to the door... and my friend Mat, his lovely wife and his son had stopped by to bring me crochet hooks!!!  I haven't seen Mat in YEARS and was so thrilled to see him!  He's got a great sense of humor and always made me laugh!  It was lovely to meet his family and to show off mine!!  I took his hooks with the promise to return them asap!!

So.... back to the crochet...... frantic now.... the stitches flying along....!!  I got the turban finished and began making something for the kids to eat for lunch...... what to eat what to eat.... RICE!!  I started rice!!  ( pitiful, but they love rice! ) Off I went to get showered, changed and put some make up on.  I got ready, came down and picked up Millie... only to notice that she had somehow got muck all over her outfit !!!  GAH!!!!  Back upstairs, changed her, cleaned her up.... back downstairs.... and out to the garage to get wrapping paper for the turban.....  Hmm.. it was in the garage.  Don't ask why I keep my wrapping paper in the garage.. it's a long story.... So I run out there.... and find that my hubby had hidden a bar of chocolate on top of the mower for me.....!!!  JOY!!!!!

So I finally manage to get myself and the baby ready to go, I kiss my biggies goodbye and head off to the baby shower!  I arrive only 2 minutes late and was happy to see some faces I knew and some I had heard of, but never met!!   We had a lovely time and Millie was in her element!

Beautiful Blooming Brendy!

Millie's new friend!

Fooling with the camera!

Millie the ham!!

I had such a lovely time at the shower.. it was so nice to see the Mama to be and the beautiful necklace we made for her...!  It was so very pretty!  We had a little blessing way celebration, strawberries and chocolate along with bacon wrapped dates and other lovely treats....  It was perfect!!  After PROMISING to get together with everyone again SOON I headed home to my family where I made veggie soup for dinner and I honest to goodness fell fast asleep on the couch no sooner had I finished eating it!!! ( the soup, not the couch!! )   A busy but wonderful, soul filling day!!

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