Wednesday, February 27

Gotta love Rube!

Had an early start this morning...  well rather a late ending... or rather a NON ending... hell, let's face it, I feel like I was up all night ... and not in a good way!  Miss M was not in the mood for sleeping.  Poor chick.  I think she's got some nasal congestion so she'll go to sleep, then she'll close her mouth to swallow and start choking.  She's sleeping soundly now though so fingers crossed and all that!!

Hmm... let's see.  I started a group on Facebook today for people who want to get rid of some of their belongings!  I was surprised at how fun it was!  I hope lots of people spread the word to their friends and more people join otherwise the few members we have will just be selling their stuff to each other!!

Passing me scissors the RIGHT way!
We also spent a lot more time with Jack today.  He is very good at keeping his head down when he wants to be.  He can play with his toys and keep out the way so that no one notices him or makes him learn anything!!!  ( Don't kid yourself!  That boy is learning stuff every which way but loose.  ( what the hell does that mean?!?! ) )  Still, he needs to have some attention spent on him.  He was sat on the landing today playing with his plush toys ( He calls them his Plush Toys! )and saying he wants to build a machine to bring them to life and would I help him build it?!  Oh poor kid!  No matter what we do it's going to be pretty disappointing.  So anyway, he'd also like to build a Rube Goldberg machine and that's more like something we can handle so we started out making a contraption with a balloon, some string and a straw!  It took us a while to get it to work but finally we managed to get the balloon across the room.  Not sure what's next, but that was a start!!!

Readying the balloon!

A little less than dramatic, but it did what it was supposed to do!

Carefully chopping!

In keeping with the "pay more attention to Jack day"  Jessie taught him to make a fruit salad and they worked together on cutting everything up carefully and so on.  Jack alone took on the task of eating it all up!! :D

Other than that the day pretty much revolved around nursing and napping, playing and crying .... and then I had to take care of the baby.... ( hah hah hah!! )

All the children are in their rooms now, two are sleeping one may still be painting.. and as for me it's once more into the breach of the kitchen ...!!

Ta Ta for now!!

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