Tuesday, February 26

Motivation found!

Well... I found my motivation!! ;D   Today this house has been FULL of laundry piles, clean, dirty, folded, to be folded....  ALL now put away!!  I washed the bedding, I washed the blankets and throws that we use on the couch ( did you know that Couches is French for diapers??! ;D ) ... everything is clean again!!  I cleaned out the kitchen pantry ....

Who can spot 6 British things in there???

and sorted out all of the containers...  April is coming to visit in a week or so and I want her to be able to find everything she needs!  I neglected to take any photos of the laundry all over the place so I found a pic of when I cleaned out the games in the pie safe last time ...

Pretend those piles are laundry and it's about what the house looked like today!!

 Now I know I don't HAVE to clear out all this stuff, but it's great to have an excuse to do it, isn't it?! :D 

I did also spend a lot of time with my Millie... she had some lovely long naps today AND slept quite well last night!! :D  YEAHY!!   It wasn't a full night by any means, but there ya go... I'll take what I can get ! :D  Jackster kept himself busy for the most part today!  He did help make dinner tonight and helped me make lunch this afternoon!  He really takes the whole business of cooking and helping very seriously!  I really like that!!

Jess was a huge help today too... I really enjoy her company and she keeps trying to get to her room where she listens to her music and paints and draws to her heart's content... Only I keep asking her to stay with me!! :D  So she say's "TALK!" ... I don't need to talk, I just like her there!! :D LOL!!  We decided to start the entire series of Frasier again since we finished Raising Hope... we have to put the TV on so Millie will sleep better....  some background noise helps her stay sleeping... if it's too quiet she will wake up!!  So it was Fraiser and Folding for most of the day!!  It felt so good to get it done though... that dang laundry has been bugging me for ages.  

Anyhoo.... I must pay a couple of bills and then clean up the kitchen again....  It's a real pig's arse in there right now and I like it clean and shiny in the morning!! ;D   I tell ya what... here's a before....

Messy kitchen before....

And here's an after...!!

All clean! :D 
There... I was inspired to get it all cleaned up for the picture!!  Maybe I'll do more of these...!  Somehow having to produce photo evidence made me clean it all the faster and better! ;D 

So now that the kitchen is cleaned I can head here.....

My cozy bed!
...which is where I have dreamed of being since I left it reluctantly this morning! :D

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