Saturday, February 23

Blowing the day away!

Today Jessie got to sleep in!! ;D  Well, technically she didn't... she woke up at her regular time but I sent her back to bed!!  There is no reason on earth that she needed to be up before 7 on a Saturday especially when it was all of 2F ( - 16.6 C) outside .. no siree... back to bed for all!!  Jackster got up fairly early considering, but we told him to put his dressing gown and slippers on before he headed down!  Brrr fricking rrrrrrrr !!!   Hubby decided to run the snow blower and clear the driveways off as we were heading into town this morning.  I watched out the window as he worked only he spotted me and said I should try it out too!!

more fun than it looked!

After breakfast and snowblowing and nursing and changing ETC Hubs and I were going to head out with the baby and Jess and Jack were planning on a dance party.  They like to put on loud music over the computer and dance their hearts out!!  Jack put on his dance costume specially!!.....

Y.M.C.A !!!  :D 
I was later informed that it was actually his NINJA costume.  Orthopedic Shoes.  (I stand corrected!!)  :D  This kid just cracks me up!

Anyhoo, hubs, baby and I ran to the store and also dropped off tons of donations to Goodwill and to the Children's Home.  We stopped by Target and picked up some bits and pieces, stopped by to visit some friends who hadn't seen Millie in months.. ( we had to show her off, it's only natural!)  and then to  Michaels and finally Famous Dave's for ribs!  If we don't take food home for the kids, well, it's not pretty!! ;D 

On our return we were greeted by happy kiddoes who snatched the food and scurried off to the kitchen.  Luckily I stepped in to divvy it up fairly ( one fourth a corn muffin each doesn't amount to much, FYI!) and then we sat together and ate lunch, each of us fending off Millie as she tried to snatch our bones from our mouths!  

Jackster had been watching a lot of Phineas and Ferb ( and when I say a lot, I mean a LOT.  Enough that the average person would have been heartily sick of the quirky pair a LONG time ago, but not Jack... he devours that stuff...!) and he'd decided he wanted to build a machine.  I think he's after a sort of Rube Goldberg effect.  He'd made a drawing of what he wanted to happen and he described it to his Dad.. together they set to work setting up blocks, rigging ways to knock things down.....

He's getting somewhere with it!!  I'm going to watch a few of the videos on YouTube tomorrow with him and we'll see what we come up with !!  I love seeing him work on stuff like that, he's got a great imagination!!  

As Jack and his Dad worked on the machine, I sat at the computer and fiddled about whilst watching Millie at my feet.... by the under the curtains.... at my feet...... AAACKKKK!!!!   She's moving around!!!!!  She's only MOMENTS away from crawling..... NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!

Rex grabbed a camera and captured my expression as I saw her lift herself up onto all fours....!!

People!!!  This is SERIOUS!!!   HOW can my teeny tiny baby be crawling?!??!??!!    We've got so much childproofing to do now..... every little thing needs to be picked up...   OMG!!!!!!  and ...... eeeep!!!!


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