Saturday, February 16

No rest for the wicked! ( so I must have been REALLY good!)

We'd pretty much decided to spend the day doing as little as possible today!!!  I know we must sound like we do as little as possible most days, but we really WORK at doing as little as possible on the weekends!! ;D

I had a pretty rough night with Millie again... urgh... every 2 1/2 hours up and feeding.  Tsk.  So when morning finally arrived I wasn't over keen to get up and at 'em!  I lay in bed with Millie and hubby and we just chatted and dozed.  I heard some noise downstairs so thought it was Jack looking for something in the kitchen.  I called down with the intercom and Jessie answered!  I hadn't even realised she was up!  A few minutes later she knocked on our door and came in with a big mug of hot tea for me and coffee for hubby.  Oh yes.  THAT'S how you start a day!!  I came downstairs a bit later to find she had made me toast with lemon curd AND she and Jack had emptied the dishwasher!  Oh boy!  I am so TOTALLY spoiled with my kids!!! :D  So my day had a lovely gentle start to it!

Hubby went out for a while to run some errands and came back with glazed donuts for all...!!  LOL!!  And you thought my day couldn't get any better!!   I cut my donut into small pieces, curled up on the couch with another hot mug of tea and ate, drank and watched Raising Hope whilst Millie napped in her swing and the cat sat on Jessie.

Herman, the cat.  If he weren't so hairy he'd be adorable!
Jessie had her "Thinking Cat" on...!!

I did get a little crochet done, played with Millie, quizzed Jessie on some Brain Quest questions...( at her insistence by the way) and played many games of Words with Friends with her.  She is quite the competitor!   I did later drag my sorry butt out with the dog and went for a walk around the neighborhood!  It was a reasonable day and what with the donut ( oh, and the sea salt and dark chocolate bar that hubby surprised me with too....) .. I felt some exercise might be in order..!! :D
All in all a rather simple, yet super day...

**life is tough eh?!!**  
This smile makes all the sleepless nights worth every exhausted minute! 

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