Monday, February 11

Math, money and Millie! ;D Oh, it MUST be Monday!

Oh my......!!  Not much more sleep last night....  but I have a plan....More naps are a part of it!!  I tried to get Millie down for a nap this morning, she napped for 20 minutes and woke up again.  I went up to her and held her, rocked and nursed her and she fell back to sleep.  I decided it was more important that she sleep than that I get anything done, so I held her whilst she slept for an hour.   She had a lovely nap and was well rested when she woke up.  I came downstairs to find the children scurrying around to put away the duster and the vacuum!! They had cleaned up the house for me including putting the bedding in the washing machine, cleaning the kitchen, picking up toys, tidying off the dining table and dusting the place!  They only didn't vacuum because they didn't want to wake the baby!!  

How awesome!! :D

I made the kids some vegetable and lentil soup for lunch and then worked on some math with the Jackster.  We worked on money today and I had a fun idea to teach him his coins and their values.

Spent a lot of time playing with Millie and watching her getting better and better at sitting unaided...  yikes... they grow
so bloody fast....!!

Awesome balance! She looks about TWO here!!

Gone.  Oops!! 
I should point out in the above pics that they are of two separate incidences of her tippling over!  I didn't just sit there taking pics of her falling down!!  I accidentally caught the last one!  I generally try to catch HER!!

.....and then, what do you know it, it's time for another nap.  This time I thought I would just lay down with Millie since I was exhausted. We slept for two hours!!  Man I needed that nap!

I woke up to find hubby home from work and then the usual night time routine began!  I had considered a run out to Target but even though it was only 6:30 it was so dark it just didn't seem worthwhile.  I really need to get out the house more, I'm turning into a hermit! ;D

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