Friday, February 15

Hopelessly Raising!

Today started out awesomely...!  Despite having a three hour nap at 7 pm Millie went on to go straight to sleep at bed time and she slept for four hours in a row!!  I know it may not seem like much, but those four hours.... oh wow... bliss!!!  It felt like a full night's sleep to me!! ;D  After that she went back to sleep for another three hours and then it was time to get up and get the day started!!!  I felt I could pretty well take on the world!!

It did end up being a really odd day though!  The Meteorite hitting in Russia was kind of amazing and spooky all at the same time (which reminds me... "Oh, I guess we didn't get hit by that big ass Meteor and die"!! !!! :D )  The entire day just had this aura of expectation to it.  I felt like we were waiting for something all day long and nothing ever really happened!  It DID snow, which was entirely unexpected to me ( heck I'm so ready for Spring I have practically put away all the winter gear!! ) so I counted that as The Thing We Were Waiting To Happen and used it as an excuse to light the fire and watch the TV... again!!!  This time we decided that Nanny 911 is just too dang depressing so we put on Raising Hope instead.  I hadn't seen any of the shows before but I LOVE it ... it was so sweet and funny!

Playing the Opposite game.
We watched several episodes of Raising Hope and then I worked with Jack on Opposites.  He didn't quite have the concept down, but once I printed out some cool cards from a blog I follow and we learned what opposites are!  We set them together to show, for example, hot and cold.  Jack had to read the first word, then guess what the opposite might be then we played a matching game where the cards were all upside down and he had to find a pair.  It was good fun and got the idea across really nicely I think!! :D  He enjoyed playing so much he asked to do it again and again!!

Science is hard!!

Jack playing outside....
 I also used our Brain Quest cards and quizzed Jessie with some science questions.  I was quite shocked at how few of them either of us got right so will come up with a game to play to learn some of the facts!  I find I enjoy making the games as much as the kids like playing them and it's such a fun way to learn!

Between snow falls Jack decided to go out and play... he took out his toy hammer and drill and put them on the swings where he pushed them back and forth!!  Bless him!!!  Jess and I tried to get a picture of him but he'd stopped by the time I found my camera...!

He saw me!! :D 
Millie had several good, long naps today and seems to be getting the hang of going to sleep "by herself" meaning whilst not nursing at the same time.  I'm really glad as this will help her fall back to sleep if she starts to wake up in the night thus longer nights of sleep for Mama....!!!  She's currently fast asleep in her little bed upstairs and Rex is watching her on the iPod!
What a wonderful sight for Mama's eyes!

So basically that was today!!  Rex cooked dinner and stoked the fire so it's blazing away!  The kids are all in bed and I'm going to put the dishes into the dishwasher and then sit with my hubby and do some more crochet!! ( he's just called through asking for a dish of ice cream so I'll be getting that too!!!)

Until tomorrow, friends! ;D

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