Tuesday, February 12

Pancake flinging day! ;D

Happy Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day, Mardi Gras and all that jazz!!!  What an awesome day today has been!!!  Millie slept a little better last night after our long nap yesterday but still only managed 3 1/2 hours as her longest stretch!  Never mind... for some reason I felt really rested when I woke up ( despite craaaaAAAAAzy dreams....!!)  but feeling rested makes a HUGE difference to my day!!!

I was thrilled to discover that it was pancake day TODAY instead of last week as I originally had thought!  I was in just the right mood to quickly whip up some pancake batter and cook pancakes for breakfast!  We all took a turn at flipping them and not one landed on the floor!!! :D

After breakfast I took the kids out to Target and for me to get my hair cut.  ($10 Tuesdays!!!).  Once we arrived at the hair cut place it was packed ( I guess I'm not the only one to think of these things!!!) so I left the kids there and headed next door to Target really quick to pick up a swing for Millie.  I had only a few minutes which was perfect really because I am HORRIBLE at making decisions!  The fact that I didn't have TIME to ponder too much meant that I ran in, looked for the swing that had everything I wanted and didn't make me faint when I looked at the price tag, picked it up, and headed out!  I got my hair cut and Jessie decided she'd like her's doing too, so that's what happened!!

Once home we set up the swing, put Millie in it ... and .... she slept for nearly two hours straight!!!!

Sleepy babies are ALWAYS adorable!!
AWESOME!!!  During her nap I got one or two things done and Jack and I made some more cranberry and orange scones.  We weren't sure whether our friend, Marsha, was coming to visit so we made the scones just in case.  ( She didn't, they were delicious!!)

In a frenzy of activity I pushed through three loads of laundry ( washed, dried and folded...!!) did math with Jack... ( more money activities...)

Counting to 100.  He figured out for himself that it was quicker to use four coins at a time!

Showing how many coins make a dollar.
had Jack read me a book ( just an early reader, he's still learning), mailed a ton of coupons for the military at the post office, put dinner in the crock pot (barbeque chicken) and rice in the rice cooker, whisked up a batch of pancake batter for dessert (which we ended up being too full to eat!) I even set out green beans in a pan ready for when Rex got home.  Jess and I sat and watched some Nanny 911 whilst I folded laundry!  Seemed like a nicely productive day!

Right now I'm showered and ready for bed.... ( I've not been able to do that lately for one reason or another and it does make SUCH a  difference in the morning ... )  Millie is fast asleep, swinging away, and has been since 7:15.  We'll see how tonight goes..!!  Jackster just came up to me and whispered "it's time to go to bed...!!"  so I guess I know what's next on my agenda!  I'll clean the kitchen up when I get back from putting Jack to bed and then I may get to sit and crochet for a while!!  I love a good, busy day! ;D


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